What are landrace strains?

A number of cannabis products are available in the market which makes it extremely difficult for the consumer to choose. All the strains of cannabis available today can genetically trace back to a handful of varieties, known as landrace strains. Cannabis becomes the native plant of almost every region of the world like the Middle East, Africa, Asia and America. Because cannabis is a highly adaptable plant.

Where do landrace strains come from?

Cannabis is one of the oldest plants in human history. The plant was first referenced in historical documents in 2900 B.C. by the Chinese emperor Shen-Nung. Known as the Father of Chinese Medicine, Shen wrote of cannabis in his encyclopedia of plant medicines called the Pen Ts’ao.

The genetics of the cannabis plant which botanists trace developing in the area where Pakistan and Afghanistan are situating nowadays. In the beginning, using cannabis in the industry of ropemaking, clothing and for both medical and spiritual practices. Those were the Romans and Greeks who transport cannabis plants to the west, Russia and the Middle East. Saying that ottomans brought this plant to the African region.

Why are landrace strains hard to find?

observing that the original landrace strains are very much difficult to find outside their home atmosphere. Cannabis breeders in the 1970s and 80s began experimenting with hybridization. Basically, crossing landrace strains to create the first hybrids such as Skunk #1 and Chemdawg.

The word landrace simply means “a local variety of a species of plant or animal that has distinctive characteristics arising from development and adaptation over time to conditions of a localized geographic region.” Words by Merriam Webster.

Phenotypes grow when seeds of landrace strains grow simply outside the area of their evolvement. Phenotypes are the versions of cannabis plants which have the same genetics but environment in which they grow, changes their features. One example of it is heirloom cannabis plant. Terpene content, cannabinoids and even flowering times may differ from other cannabis plants.

Heirloom strains:

Basically, an heirloom is the type of cannabis plants which have been cultivated by the human outside the original area of their evolvement. When phenotypes of landrace strains stabilise genetically in their new environment, they become an heirloom.

Identification of these strains:

Landrace is basically the name of the region where landrace strains are developing. Because of their features, it is extremely easy to identify them. For example, strains such as Acapulco Gold (South America) and Durban Poison (Africa) grew close to the equator in warmer, drier climates. These plants grow to huge heights with large, dense fan leaves and longer flowering periods that take advantage of the plentiful sunlight. Cultivars such as Afghan (Middle East) or Hindu Kush (Asia) develop shorter plants with broad fan leaves that respond better to higher moisture levels and altitudes with limited sunlight.

A number of landrace strains can be found in the market even today. They are available in both seeds and consumable form.

Afghan and Hindu Kush landraces which are known as middle eastern landraces are basically small and stocky plants. But they have wide leaves as far as their size is concerned. Also, they grow fat buds with high levels of resin. Acapulco, Colombian Gold and Jamaica’s Lamb’s Bread which is known as Latin American landraces, are taller plants as compared to middle eastern landraces. They possess a lemon aroma with a tint of pepper because of higher levels of caryophyllene. Thai and Nepalese which are known as Asian landraces are tall plants and they have extremely dense branches, wide and huge leaves and fluffy buds which are rich in resin.

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