Parts of the cannabis plant

Cannabis is a plant that has versatility when it comes on the growth of it. Almost in every climate of the world, you can grow this plant. Cannabis is used for both medical and recreational purposes. We are going to learn about every part of the cannabis plant in this article.

The Cannabis Flower:

If you look at the flowers of cannabis plant, you will notice small frosty looking trichomes. The health of the flower would be as good as the amount of trichome on the flowers. If the structure of the flower is small teardrop, it means you are looking at the female flower of the cannabis plant.


Cola is basically the main part of the flower. The health of the flower would be as good as the amount of trichome on the flowers. But you can find a number of cultivars who would like growing loosely structures flowers.


Bracts are the tiny leaves which give protection to female reproductive cells of a healthy female cannabis plant. The bracts play their part when male plant of marijuana release pollens, bracts protect the seed pod.


The hair which can be found on the outer side of the plant are trichomes. These trichomes are responsible for delivering therapeutic as well as intoxicating effects as far as the plant of cannabis is concerned. Specific trichomes have resin glands on them which are responsible to create terpenes, flavonoids, THCA, CBDA and phytocannabinoids.

The stickiness of cannabis buds will be as much as they would have trichomes on them. You can observe these trichomes not only on the buds of the cannabis plant but also on the leaves and stem of the plants as well. Although not every trichome is a glandular. The effects of the non-glandular are not the same as glandular produce. But they are helpful in keeping the balance and providing the safety layer to the plant.

Cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are produced by the glandular. These glandular are of three kinds, bulbous, capitate-sessile and capitate-stalked. While non glandular got the name cystoliths.


The point where leaf and stem of the cannabis plant intersect is known as node. They have the capacity to hold one or more leaves. It is very important for a consumer to know about the nodes.

Cannabis Fan leaves:

Leaves are one of the most important part of cannabis plant. Cannabis leaves are of two types. The larger leaves are known as fan leaves. They are extremely important eaves when it comes on photosynthesis. But they are always removed from the final cannabis products.

Cannabis Sugar leaves:

Fan leaves are the larger leaves of cannabis plant and sugar leaves are the smaller leaves of the plant. They are there on the colas of cannabis plant. Trichomes can be found in great number of them, that is why they are called sugar leaves.


Just like any other plant, stem of cannabis plant transports fluids, nutrients from roots to every part of the plant. The stem provides a foundation to give fan leaves access to the light they need to facilitate growth and carries the weight of heavy colas.

Pistils vs stigmas:

Many people get confused when it comes on the pistils and stigmas. People confuse them with each other. The difference between both of them is as follow:

What is a pistil?

The basic reproductive part of the female cannabis plant is known as pistil. It contains one ovule and two stigmas.

What are stigmas?

Stigmas are basically long hair of the female bract which catches male pollens. People confuse them with pistils. It is absolutely necessary to know the difference between the two if you want to grow cannabis.

Types of weed plants:

If you want to grow cannabis, it is very important to know not only about the different parts of the cannabis plants but also about the different types of the weed plant. It is said that the effect of cannabis produces totally depends on the endocannabinoid system of the human body. That is the reason weed produces different effects on every consumer.

Cannabis is generally classified in the following four categories:


At the flowering stage, indica category of weed produces fat, dense with heavy buds.


Sativa produces airy buds during flowering stage.


This is the blend of indica and sativa strains.


The plants of cannabis which do not produce THC more than 0.3% are known as hemp. Hemp is used in a number of industries as well.

How to tell male from female Cannabis plant:

At the age of six weeks, you will be able to recognize male and female weed plants. Nodes are the places from where you can get to know about the gender of the plant. The nodes can be found where leaves meet stem.

Pollens are produced on the male cannabis plants. In the beginning, these pollens look like small balls, they then grow into clusters. In the same way, female cannabis plant produces pistils. These pistils look like tiny hair in the beginning. They then grow into complex ovules and stigmas.

Every cultivar should know that only the female plant produces flowers. Male plants do not have this ability because they are to produce pollens. But the male plants are useful to propagate new plant from the seeds. Male plants should be cultivated away from female plants.

There are few plants which have both qualities of male and female cannabis plants. They are known as Hermaphrodite plants. If a female cannabis plant gets exposed to the severe conditions during growth, they turn into Hermaphrodites. Their flowers would be full of seed which is extremely bad for smoking.

How to propagate Cannabis plants:

If you want to propagate cannabis plants, it is extremely important to know about the different parts of the cannabis plant. Growers can use the following two methods to propagate the cannabis:


Coning is the most popular methods that cultivars use. A number of new plants are produced with the singe plant. You won’t be needing to buy seed from market to have new plants of cannabis. Cut the branch of cannabis plant at the node. Put it into the water. After few days, this cutting will start producing roots. Then you can put this plant into the ground.


This method takes so much time. You need to put seeds into the ground and then keep waiting till the plants are grown. But this method is the best choice for the new cultivars.

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