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It’s all about the Quality!

Purchasing a Grow Tents & Gear can be either a wise decision if you manage to pick the right brands to do it with. are offering the most sophisticated grow tents in Australia.

Our Gorilla grow tents:

A grow tent should be portable with a strong frame and cover. Inside the grow tent should be silver. The silver lining inside the grow tent will make the grow lights work better. This is why you want a quality grow tent. Although, the grow lights will create heat the silver insulation will stop it from getting out. Generally, that heat is what you want for plant growth. Because of this, it gives you the tools to grow plants anywhere!

With this purpose in mind, Gorilla Grow Tents offer that, and much more! These grow tents are the first to be able to adjust the height up and down for the height of your plants. With an 8, 9, or 10 feet tall height adjuster of your choice. The tents have 2 windows to view the plants’ growth. That way you will not affect your plants atmosphere. Also, the tents give you a thread count of 1680. Comparing that to the 200-600 thread count from other grow tents. However, the thickness also keeps the outside of the tent cool. Making this tent hold water, and keep in the noise and odours. Also, the tents metal frame will hold up to 136kg. Gorilla grow tents are built to last!