Gorilla Grow Tent 3×3

Gorilla Grow Tent 3×3

Gorilla Grow Tent 3×3:

Are you an experienced grower or just a beginner? The Gorilla Grow Tent is just what you are after.

Growers, these tents are for serius hobby or commercial farmers!

Gorilla Grow Tent 3×3 has a 1680D thick exterior mesh, with a reflective interior diamond-shaped material and a height-adjustable roof that passes light ultraviolet and visible light. Heavy-duty framing, infra-red blocking roof and height customizability!

Gorilla Grow Tents use a 1680D density fabric thicker than other competitive offerings materials ranging from 200D – 600D.

In brief, the reflective interior is probably the best interior that I have ever come across in a grow tent; it reflects mylar interior for its ultimate light reflectivity, was a hundred times better than any tent that I have had before – and I have had many tents over my life years!

We recommend this GORILLA GROW TENTS

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