Waterpipes Australias newest word for the original bong! All our ornamental waterpipes feature unique eye catching detail. Conepiece.com.au range of waterpipes is that of the biggest in Australia. Our bongs are made with quality heat resisting pyrex glass. This is because we want to satisfy all our customers with a bong or waterpipe that lasts! Because of this, we are assuring you will be happy with our brands that each is giving you a unique way of enjoying a billy!

Moreover, stocking brands like MWP, Chongz, Stone Age, Weedo, and bonza. Each brand specialises in getting the average Aussie a bit above average. If you want simple waterpipes that work Visit conepiece.com.au. Each of our bongs come with a minimal pyrex glass thickness of 4mm. Meaning, they are solid as well as strong. Want to customise your bongs? People call us Cone piece for good reason! Our unique customisable cone pieces are capable of adding your own unique touch to the billy.

Whether you want a waterpipe that glows in the dark or a bong that’s flexible we have it all. With this purpose in mind, ranging with special attachments aiding in your experience. All our ornamental waterpipes come wrapped with thick bubble wrap. We then Deliver with discrete shipping straight to your door!


Conepiece.com.au have a broad amount of products that will suit your needs. We offer everything from Waterpipes, vaporisers, dab rigs, cannabis cooking utensils and of course conepieces. Also, we have Plant grow kits and all nutrients to help you grow top notch weeds. To finish up, our range of dry herb vapes are the most advanced dry herb vaporisers on the market.

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