Do you love chopping but not want to tackle heavy grinding machines, we have the perfect grinders!

We have a solution for you, get your favourite grinders! This small 4 part grinder is perfect for your all grinding needs whether you want to grind herbs, vegetables, or any other thing you want! After getting grind, your mixture with automatically fall into the second storage chamber and then into the removable mesh barrier allowing you to get your mixture.  The knives of this small grinder are quick sharp allowing you an easy grinding experience.  This amazing grinder has a magnetic lid and thread ensures all chambers stay united to allow a smooth twist. The grinder is made of lightweight durable aluminum. This grinder was designed to ensure the accurate result and great quality. Its diameter is 63 mm and comes with 4 grinding chambers. It has an upper magnetic lid and a removable magnetic screen.  You can also grind grams and get them into small pieces. It can also separate bad chunks from the material you grinding and throw it into a separate chamber. Its sharp blades seamlessly chop each herb and turn it into powder. It can also create a mound of fine, fluffy weed to roll and bake into a cake. It produces no dirty smoke, no lost material, not a bit of that material is wasted.


  • Made with aluminum
  • Has 4 chamber with magnetic lid
  • 63mm diameter
  • Sharp blades
  • Durable and longlisting
  • Comes with factory warranty
  • Customized packing available

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