What does weed smell like?

What does weed smell like? Nowadays, people describe a weed plants scent as a herbal woody, earthy like aroma which is very strong. Because of this, it can often carry lemon, apple, plum and even diesel odours. before you smoke weed these are usually the smells you get! However what if we smoked the weed. Will the smell be different? The answer is yes. The odour of weed will change once you have lit and smoked the weed.

Things like, ash, the smoke itself, fire, and a distinctive skunk plant smell that is a dead giveaway when someone close by is smoking weed. Weed has such a distinctive odour many people notice it in places where it should not actually be. Because of this, the smell is able to cling to your breath, hair, clothes and sometimes be on your fingertips depending on the consumption. However, some strains carry their own unique smell.

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