Larf and the cannabis plant explained

There is no doubt about it is extremely simple to grow healthy and potent cannabis plants. It does not matter if you are cultivating cannabis inside your home or at somewhere else, cannabis needs proper and specific conditions (right combination of light, humidity, temperature and soil) to grow.

It is important to consult some cannabis expert before cultivating it by yourself. Because the cannabis experts really know all the complicated anatomy of this plant. They will also let you know how to treat both cannabinoids and terpenes.

Words like Bract, calyx, cotyledon, pistle, stigma and cola are some of the words related to the anatomy of the cannabis plant. Larf is yet another word, you must have heard in cannabis culture.

What is a larf?

The term Larf is basically used to describe an immature or very small bud which are grown on the lower stem of the cannabis plant. Larfs are fluffy in their appearance. They usually grown on the plants where sunlight is very less. Apart from light, other environmental factors are also to be counted.

Larfs have the potential to become as rih flowers as the other flowers inside the canopy of the cannabis plant. Only because of the dim light, the size and the growth of larf remain under growth.

Can you de-larf a cannabis plant?

A number of cultivators do not like larf much and they prefer to remove them. Although larf does not affect the efficiency and potency of the cannabinoids and terpenes. This whole procedure also refers to de-larfing. Cultivators remove them because they think that these larfs won’t reach their maturity but they will use the nutrients and energy of the plant.

What to do with the extra larf?

Although larf does not reach its maturity it does not mean that you can’t use them in any other way. If you ever find popcorn bud anywhere, you should be aware that those popcorns are larfs. They have the name of popcorn because of their small size. These larfs also contain both cannabinoids and terpenes. But in low quantity, as compared to the fully grown flowers.

Larfs are more affordable because you can buy them in low price because they contain less cannabinoids and terpenes. But no consumer buys it as his/her first option. You should keep in mind that if you are using cannabis for medical purposes, you should avoid larfs.  They won’t meet your needs.

Cultivators who do not de larf their cannabis plant, they sell them on discount or use them in making oils. They also mix them with fully grown flowers to get more profit.


Stash can be prolonged by using these larfs. They also can be helpful to make your joints fatter and you can also infuse them into your foods

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