How to decide which strain to try

How to decide which strain to try it becomes extremely difficult for the consumer to decide which strain to try when he/she sees a number of strains in the dispensary. We are going to learn about strains, their features and which, among others is worth trying in this article.

What are strains?

Cannabis is a plant that originated from Central Asia but with the passage of time, it spread all over the world. The whole world accepted and cultivated it with open arms. But the feature of these plants started changing themselves when they evolved in a new environment. Both physical a chemical change took place. These new plants with different characteristics are known as landrace strains.

Individual cultivators started experimenting with landraces. They started crossbreeding unusual combinations of male and female plants to create new kinds of strains. And those humans made strains can be found in abundance today.

What makes cannabis strains different?

A number of elements are responsible to make profile of strains different:

Cannabinoid content:

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds of cannabis plants. These cannabinoids interact with the endocannabinoid system of human body. This interaction results in a number of effects.

Terpene Content:

The molecule of the cannabis plants is known as terpenes. They are responsible to produce both flavor and aroma. They also play their part in producing the intoxicating effects in mind and body as well.

Environmental variables:

Environment variables can affect the profile of both cannabinoid and terpenes.

The deal with Indicas, sativas and hybrids:

If you are a regular cannabis consumer, you must have heard the terms like indicas, sativas and hybirds. But a number of cannabis consumers are not well aware about really these terms are. People usually take these terms as they describe the features of the strains. The truth is, a strain’s classification as indica, sativa, or hybrid isn’t actually about any particular effects. It’s about the physical characteristics and structure of the plant, which can be extremely helpful information for growers, but not so much for consumers.

How to decide which strain to try:

While choosing the strain, you should keep in mind few criteria:

Flavour and aroma:

The flavour and aroma of cannabis are due to the terpene profile of the plant. You should select the strain which has flavor and aroma according to your taste.

Desired effects:

Cannabis has different effect on everyone. It is also not certain that a specific strain will produce specific effect. You should select one which meets your desires.


It is basically the potency of the strain that you should look for while selecting the strain for yourself. If you like intense effect, you should select a strain with high potency otherwise go for a mild one.

Growing method:

A number of smokers like cannabis which is grown outside. If you are one of such smokers, select the strain according to your needs.

Potential medical benefits:

If you are going to use cannabis for medical purpose or to treat any ailment, consult your doctor before selecting the strain for yourself.


If you are having a limited or specific budget, buy the strain that meets your budget.

Choose the strain which is right for you:

Because the effects every strain produce are different on everyone. So, you should select a strain that meets all your requirements. If someone else is loving a specific strain, do not go for that unless it meets your expectations.

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