Everything you need to know about 7/10

Everything you need to know about 7/10, It is not necessary to be an experiencing cannabis consumer to know about the term 420 in cannabis culture. Generally, the term 420 is one of the most famous terms in the cannabis culture. Basically, this term has a number of meanings. Also, this term describes the consumption of cannabis and sometimes for cannabis culture. With this purpose in mind, It refers to April 4th, which is the day people celebrate cannabis globally.

Apart from 420, another term has evolved over the years, 7/10. Concentrate consumers of cannabis culture celebrate this day.

What is it?

7/10 is basically a stoner holiday. This is the holiday when consumers consume cannabis oil products, dabs and concentrates. The holiday occurs on July 10th — 7/10, written numerically. 7/10 is considered to be the 2nd most popular cannabis holiday. This holiday is celebrated on July 10 every year. A number of cannabis dispensaries offer a discount on this holiday.

How did 7/10 get started?

Just like many other things of cannabis culture, the origin of 7/10 is also vague and mysterious. Online sources report the term 710 surfacing on Urban Dictionary back in 2010, but the word wasn’t associating with cannabis or hash oil until 2011.

Other online sources assign credit to TaskRok of Highly Educated. In an interview with Leaf Online, he claims he thought up the term in a message chat with industry peers from Healthstone and Beehive Oil Clothing. TaskRok also released a rap album called “The Movement” under his group name Task & Linus on July 10, 2011, that featured many references to dabbing and cannabis concentrates, including songs named “Boil That Oil” and “7:10.” However, TaskRok doesn’t claim ownership of the word, saying it “belongs to the community now.”

What do you need to celebrate 7/10?

Generally, cannabis consumers consume cannabis oil products and concentrate on this holiday. Everything you need to know about 7/10: people also love to consume dabs. However, the rising popularity of vape pens and portable dab vapes makes it easier than ever to consume concentrates. If you live in a weed-legal state, many dispensaries help you prep for the celebration by offering discounts on wax, shatter, oil, and other concentrate products, taking advantage of the holiday as a marketing vehicle. On social media, more than 10 million people have posted photos showing off their celebratory dabs with hashtags like #710, #710society, and #710life.

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