History of 420

The History of the 420 term is one of the most famous terms in cannabis culture. Generally, this term has a number of meanings. This term is to describe the consumption of cannabis and sometimes for cannabis culture. Basically, It refers to April 4th, which is the day people celebrate cannabis globally.

Origin of it:

In brief, a few friends from San Rafael High School used to call themselves the waldos. However, they used to hang out near the wall outside their school. They coined the term in 1971 to refer to their after-school trips in search of a mysterious treasure trove of marijuana planted by US Coast Guardsman Gary Newman growing somewhere in Point Reyes. This story is considered to be the origin of the term 420.  

Myths surrounding the 420 phrase: 

For example, the origin of this term is one of the most discussed topics. Also, a few of the most popular myths about this term include.

Chemicals in cannabis:

One of the most common beliefs about cannabis is that it has 420 active chemicals in them. CBD is one of them, which is the second most abundant and nonintoxicating cannabinoid of the cannabis plant.

Bob Dylan’s Rainy-day women #12 & 35:

Bob Dylan’s Rainy-day women #12 & 35 are lesser-known theory. Furthermore, Dylan croons throughout the song, “Everybody must get stoned.” But the lesser-known part of the theory includes the #12 and 35 part of the title: if you multiply 12 x 35, you get 420.

International holiday, protest day and other events:

20th April is declared as international cannabis day. This day inspires a number of people to advocate the legalization of cannabis and to teach people everything about cannabis and hemp. Good thing is that even the newcomers have started celebrating this holiday and they use CBD which is non-intoxicating instead of THC.

History of 420 Media started covering 4/20 as a consumer story when the legalization of cannabis become a demand. Also, Cannabis Cup has become widely recognizable 4/20 even as far as cannabis culture is concerned. 

420 in pop culture:

A number of films and television series have used this term. Few of the most popular references include:

  • Pulp FictionIn one of the film’s most infamous scenes, all of the clocks on the wall of the pawn shop are set to 4:20. 
  • Family Guy“420” was the name of the 12th episode of the seventh season. The episode aired April 19, 2009, a day before 4/20, with a storyline centered around cannabis legalization. 
  • Willie Nelson: On April 20, 2012, Nelson released a single titled “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die,” from his album “Heroes.”

420 in practice: One can consume cannabis to make any day of the year as 420 holidays. One of the most difficult tasks is to find a dispensary in your area and to research cannabis products. It does not matter if you are a newcomer to cannabis culture or an experienced consumer. The culture of cannabis is flexible enough to adopt everyone.

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