Why does cannabis need to be lab tested?

We can get a number of medical benefits from marijuana. Just like all medical products give all the information about the potency and composition of the drug. Cannabis products go on the same line. International Health Organization is working and making sure to set standards for cannabis products. Basically, to avoid any chance to compromise the health of someone. We need to have marijuana lab tested to determine that it is not harmful for human use. Also, let the consumer know about the potency of the product.

What do cannabis labs test for?

Human safety:

The cannabis plant absorbs everything to which it is exposed during its cultivation. They absorb nutrients, metals in the soil and even pesticides. Regulatory agencies have started establishing limits for residual solvents, pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, and mycotoxins in cannabis test results. Just like you buy something from the grocery store or anything online, agencies are working on setting limits.

Cannabis potency:

Cannabinoids makeup and terpenes profile of the cannabis plant only by testing it. Both cannabinoids and terpenes are extremely important when it comes on selecting cannabis for its effects. It will be responsible to make your experience of smoke extraordinary or worst.

Environmental factors play their part in the potency of the cannabis plant. Naturally, cannabis grows in many parts of the world with different compounds. Their potency as compared to the plants which grow in other parts of the world.

Testing labs determine chemical makeup of the plant by using equipment. For example, a cannabis lab technician may use a THC testing machine to measure the presence of this psychoactive compound.

How to open a testing lab:

First of all, you should be well aware with the laws (product testing and marijuana) of the state you are living in when it come son opening a testing lab. The other thing which you should consider is that weather you are going to test medical marijuana or recreational marijuana.

Recreational vs medical marijuana testing labs:

It is not necessary to open both medical and recreational testing labs separately. Both recreational marijuana that you want to enjoy at home and medical marijuana which the doctor prescribed for you can be tested at the same lab. But the process of testing them can differ from each other. If you are going to test medical marijuana, you need to focus on the healing properties of it, but if you are going to test recreational marijuana, you need to focus on the THC level.


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