What Is Shatter?

What Is Shatter?

What is shatter?

In brief, many cannabis concentrates which processed plant materials made with a solvent are known as shatters. It is usually translucent with colours. The texture of it varies from product to product. However, a few of them are brittle, but few have a taffy esque pull. Shatter with higher THC levels tends to be sappier than its precursor tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA), which is much more brittle. Generally, the reason behind it is that THC is sappy oil at room temperature. Shatter is a new product of cannabis. Basically, its roots are deep in the ancient times when hashish products made. Budderking, a cannabis manufacturer in Canada, first introduced budder and shatter in the late 1990s. Till 2003, shatter become so popular that shelves of dispensaries filled with it.

Procedure to make it:

First, The production should be left to professionals only for safety reasons. The equipment needed to make shatter needs accuracy, expertise, and precision. The procedure to make it is the same as making other concentrates. The post-extraction process is the only difference between shatter and other concentrates.

extraction of shatter:

  • Select the right kind of cannabis material.
  • Load the material column with the material.
  • Chill the solvent.
  • To release the trichomes, pass the solvent over the cannabis material.
  • Vaporize the cannabis material by heat.
  • Chill the tank to recapture and condense the solvent vapours.

Any cannabis material (from flower to trim) can be used to make it. Required cannabinoids separated from raw cannabis during production. The benefit of it is that any unwanted plant material removed. The most common solvent used in this process is butane hash oil. CO2 commonly used to make other cannabis concentrates, but because CO2 removes moisture from plant matter, which causes it to lose its characteristics. How long does it take to purge shatter? The pressure utilized during a shatter purge and low temperatures are the primary things that give its signature glass-like appearance. Although, temperatures range between 85-100 degrees Fahrenheit (29.44-37.77 degrees Celsius) with a pressure of -29 inches of mercury (inHg). A complete purge lasts anywhere from eight to 24 hours.

How shatter is different from other concentrates?

in conclusion, Shatters are different in consistency, texture, and colour compared with other extracts, but the procedure to make shatter is the same as other extracts. It’s considered the purest and highest form of cannabis concentrate because of its physical appearance. The end product won’t be the same as you desire if not careful while handling specific elements. High temperature, residue solvent, agitation and unwanted moisture can affect shatter production.


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