How To Smoke A Bong 

How To Smoke A Bong 

How To Smoke A Bong: Let’s talk about how to smoke a bong, with this beginner’s guide to smoking cannabis out of a bong.

First, you will need to purchase a bong or make one out of a plastic bottle.


Step One

Now you have your bong, you will need to grind up or chop your cannabis in a bowl. optional you can add tobacco or a herb mix sold here PASSIONFLOWER HERBAL SMOKE MIX

Step Two

You will need to add cannabis to your cone piece, try not to overpack the cone piece this will make it harder to pull and can clog the hole in the centre.

Step Three

Hold the bong with one hand in the middle and cover the hole with a thumb called the ( shotty ) located on the back of the glass. Note some bongs don’t have a shotty and you will need to pull the cone piece out while smoking your bong to allow maximum airflow.

Step Four

Okay, it’s time to smoke your bong. pull the bong to your mouth and light the cannabis in the cone piece slowly start inhaling until there is no cannabis left in the cone piece, at this stage release your thumb off the shotty or pull the cone piece out and deeply inhale the smoke and try to hold for 3 seconds before exhaling into the air.

To Summarize Of How To Smoke A Bong 

In fact, using a dry herb vape is a lot smoother high and easier to use and safer for your health long term.


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Happy Smoking Guys

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