What is shake weed?

What is shake weed?

There is a loose scrape of the plant, usually at the bottom of the bag. Generally, we call it ‘shakes.’ Being understood that all buds can never be the same. Eventually, pieces of these buds fall off, then remain at the bottom of the bag. Although we are not sure where this word originated. kiff/shake also known as low-quality cannabis. Nevertheless, can be a useful addition to a smoking experience.


It does not always happen that you would find shake at the bottom of every bag. Many dispensaries just throw this leftover in containers and later use them to roll for their own pleasure. It is fun but also one needs to be careful. Dispensaries also sell these shakes but at a cheap rate. One ounce of kiff usually costs $40.

Usage of weed shake:

Shakes Also referred to as pre-ground flowers, which are mostly to fill the gaps in the bags. The user also uses these shaking with flowers. No is no difference in taste. Some smokers create tinctures with them. They can also be used to make concentrates, although flowers are preferred to make concentrates.

Is weed shake or kiff bad?

When it comes kiff being good or bad, it totally depends on the smoker. Sometimes it consists of unsmokable cannabis trimmings like seeds, that can be difficult to remove. But they are not so expensive so everyone can buy them. But it depends totally on an individual.

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