What is a Thai stick?

Thai sticks are basically cannabis cigar, traditionally used in Thailand. The origin of these Thai sticks is still unknown. These Thai sticks are normally made with flowers, hash oil or concentrates, parchment paper, bamboo or chopstick and a hemp string.

Since the legalization of cannabis is takin place rapidly. Different cannabis products and specially these sticks are getting so much popularity. The good thing about these sticks is that to make these sticks, traditionally method is in use even today.

How to make Thai sticks: 

It is extremely simple to make a Thai stick. It only needs perfect coordination of eye and hand. You will be needing some flowers, a chopstick or a bamboo stick, cannabis oil or concentrate, a refrigerator, range, hemp string, parchment paper and leaves for rolling.

You need to fill your chopstick or bamboo stick with oil or cannabis concentrate and press the flowers around it. Use hemp string to wrap it to make sure it stays at one place. Then wrap it in parchment paper and put it in refrigerator for few days.

After keeping it into the refrigerator for few days separate the hemp string from the stick. Make sure the flowers are intact around the stick. Use hash oil to coat the stick and then wrap it with fan leaves.

After wrapping it thrice, wrap the whole stick into parchment paper. Put it in a pan to heat it up on low temperature for few seconds. This is to melt the oil in all layers. After heating it up, remove the parchment paper and rewrap it in hemp string. Put the stick into a plastic bag and place it in the fridge for few days.

How to smoke one:

Thai sticks take a lot of time to burn. They are slow to burn, approximately a quarter-inch per hour. These sticks should be smoked as you smoke a cigar. Inhale when one end of it is lit sufficiently. Torches are the best option to light Thai sticks but if you do not have a torch, you can use both hemp wick and lighter for the purpose. Start inhaling when one end of it is glowing red.

Modern Thai sticks:

There is not so much difference between a traditional and a modern Thai stick. Traditionally coating the sticks with opium is the standard method. however, nowadays people coat them with kief.


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