What Is A Rose Blunt And How Do I Roll One?

What Is A Rose Blunt And How Do I Roll One?

A tutorial was posted on Twitter back in 2017 @simple_sasha posted it in which a not so popular rose petals blunt was introduced. It spread like fire in the jungle. People started trying their own. And this rosy roll took its place in cannabis culture in no time. Petal extractions are used in candles, essential oil blends, body products, and more because it is inherently soothing. Cannabis also has calming properties, making the combination of the two irresistible.


What you will need:

Make sure you have following things before rolling anything:

High-quality flower
Pesticide-free rose petals
Small baking sheet

There are number of options if you want to put rosy feelings into your rose blunt. Jack Herer and Chemdawg are two of the options.


Way to roll a rose blunt:

You can take following steps to roll a rose blunt:

Grind your buds up. One-gram flowers are enough to roll one blunt
Place rose petals in an overlapping row on butter paper
Toast your rose petals
Bake them at 250°F for a few minutes
Line some ground flowers up
Roll up the petals like you do a normal blunt
Put them back in the oven for 10 seconds
Take your rose blunt out and put them aside for 10 minutes at least
Light up and enjoy

Final tips:

Organic rose petals are simply the best choice to use them for rosy blunt. But another most important thing is that you need to take these petals from the garden which has not come in contact with pesticides. Wrap the heated petals around the cannagar tube. But if the rose petals are not getting rolled
up, do not lose heart. Crush few of the petals and add them to a blunt or a joint to have rosy feeling during puffing.

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