What do strain names tell you about your product?

What do strain names tell you about your product? The culture of cannabis is so rich that every day new strains of cannabis are being introduced in the market. The marketers give these strains such names, which does not give any information about the product. This is so confusing for the consumers, especially for the people who are newcomers to the cannabis culture.

A number of cultivators are so strict that they keep an eye on the products they cultivate and produce. Furthermore, then at the shops from where you can buy these products from. This means you can get mega wellness from a seasoning cultivator. Even the term mega wellness does not inform you about any kind of effects you are going to be experiencing due to consuming the product.

The different strains:

What do strain names tell you about your product? Due to the legal landscape of cannabis throughout the world, currently, strains have been hybridizing through selective breeding by breeders. Landrace strains are the exception. They’re cultivars of cannabis that have never been crossed. they are naturally evolving due to exposure to elements in their natural environment. Known landrace strains originated in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Jamaica, Mexico, Africa, South and Central America, and Asia.

The place of growth and the procedure of growth determine the number of terpenes and cannabinoids in the final product. It is always wise to research before buying anything. Just knowing strain names won’t help you much. The names given to different strains of marijuana have nothing to do with the effect and composition of the product. The names are just for marketing purpose. But you can expect a bright, fresh aroma from the California Orange, Tangie, and Sour Tangie strains, all of which share a fragrance of citrus fruit. Sour Diesel, NYC Diesel, and Blue Diesel strain all have, to some degree, a gasoline-like pungence, as suggested by the word “diesel” in the names. Strain names may lack uniformity and overall structure and add insight to some of a strain’s characteristics.

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