Terpene has a strong citrus aroma. this flavour is the most important citrus flavour added to food. It also has many benefits like it is anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy.

What is valencene? 

Nevertheless, it is extremely rich when it comes to the citrus aroma. Its profile has orange, tangerine, mango, and grapefruit potent. The aroma is like freshly cut herbs. However, it is most famous due to deter mosquitos and tick repellents.

Valencene in everyday life: 

To clarify, Citrus fruits are full of valencene. To clarify, every one of us has encountered it. Sometimes we get oranges which they infuse with olive oil to have the citrus aroma and taste. It goes hand in hand with salads. The Chinese bayberry purposes include medical reasons in China. As a matter of fact, bayberry is a natural source of valencene. 

The Therapeutic properties of valencene: 

Researchers are taking an interest to investigate the therapeutic properties of the valencene. For one thing, researches till now have proved that valencene has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects. 


that is to say, a study published in the journal of Ethnopsychology back in 2011 proved that its valencene had anti-inflammatory properties. 

Skin protection: 

Significantly, a study published in the journal of Natural Products back in 2016 in which it discovered that valencene can benefit us more if we make it a part of the essential oil of Cyperus rotundas or nutgrass. 


Studies published in the Archives of Pharmacal research back in 2011 in which it was found that it has an anti-allergic effect on mice. 

Efficacy of chemotherapy drug: 

Altogether, the study published in the journal Molecules back in 2017. Researchers tested the efficacy of the chemotherapy drug doxorubicin in connection with the essential oil of Myrica Rubra, or Chinese bayberry, of which valencene is a constituent. Generally, now prooven that among others, it’s one of the four widely accepted terpenes that make therapeutic effect efficient.   

Role of valencene in cannabis: 

Cannabis has a number of verities that have a high concentration is like Tangie and sour diesel and agent orange. Nevertheless, It adds a sweet and bitter aroma to the cannabis.  

Conclusion valencene: 

on the positive side, this has the ability to fight against allergies and inflammation. Researches are taking place to make it an ingredient of sunscreen. 

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