We can have this terpene from the cannabis plant. camphene is most famous because of its aroma and therapeutic properties. It can treat cardiovascular diseases. It behaves like a strong antioxidant when mixed with vitamin C.

What is it?

This terpene is especially famous for its aroma and therapeutic benefits. A number of studies pointed out that this terpene can be helpful to treat cardiovascular diseases. It is colourless and it is used in place of camphor. It also increases the flavour of the foods. Essential oils, such as cypress and valerian, may contain trace quantities of camphene. Camphene’s historical uses include fuel for lamps in the 19th century. However, due to the terpene’s potential flammability, it is no longer for this capacity.

What does it smell like?

It has a pungent, dump and herbal aroma.

Camphene in everyday life:

Generally, If you ever lighted a citronella candle then you have encountered this terpene. Citronella oil contains camphene. It is also used in the collars for dogs to help them not to bark. But a number of veterinarians do not prefer using it because it has toxic effects as well.

Therapeutic benefits of camphene:

Furthermore, It becomes a very strong antioxidant when combined with vitamin C and this combination is extremely useful to treat stress. With this purpose in mind, this terpene also has properties to treat athlete’s foot and heart diseases.


A study conducting to assess a number of plants which has camphene and camphor in them. The findings of this study were that camphene along with camphor has antibacterial properties.


Camphene shows potency of antifungal when used with sage oil to treat athlete’s foot. This terpene can be directly used on the skin after combining it with tulsi, holy basil or essential oil.


Sweet orange and lemon oils are used to treat stress. When we combine camphene with citrus oils, it helps reducing stress.


Camphene is extremely useful to treat bronchitis. It also acts like a cough suppressant and anti-congestive tool.

Cardiovascular treatment:

 Number of studies have found that this terpene behaves like a lipid lowering agent. It means camphene can treat cardiovascular diseases.


Camphene has properties to fight against inflammation. Inflammation is the real cause of pain. People generally use cannabis to treat their pains and inflammation.

Role of camphene in cannabis:

Also, It gives an earthy and musky scent. However, It has flavour increasing properties. It is generally used to treat or get relief from pains. It has properties to decrease inflammation. There is evidence but more research is needing to prove that it has anti-cancer properties as well.


In the past, people used camphene to light their lamps up but it is lighting our ways in the 21st century. It has the properties to treat a number of human diseases.


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