A guide to storage essentials for your cannabis gear

A guide to storage essentials for your cannabis gear

Storage essentials for cannabis gear: In brief, If you want your weed to be in the best of conditions to use it in future, Storing Marijuana properly. We are going to discuss everything about storing cannabis flowers, concentrates and gear in this article.

Storing cannabis flowers:

Firstly, five basic storage essentials for cannabis gear variables are to be controlled when it comes on storing cannabis flowers.


However, a study took place back in 1976 finding that both cannabinoids and terpenes lose their potency as much as cannabis get exposed to light. Also, to keep them in their real condition, you need to store the weed somewhere dark.


Cannabis contact with air is yet another factor that contributes to the degradation of weed. Although, that is why storing your cannabis in airtight jar is extremely important.


Mold thrives in most, humid conditions at temperature between 32- and 120-degrees Fahrenheit, so it would be better to store your cannabis slightly below 70.


Store your cannabis where humidity is between 55% and 62%.


It would be better to store your weed into an odor proof container which you can get from any market.

Storage for concentrates:

Cannabis concentrates should be stored at some dark, cool place, in an airtight container, away from heat and light. Airtight containers are the best choice to store concentrates because they do not tend to give off aromas as strong as cannabis flowers.

Silicon or glass made containers are the best choice of this purpose. Because both glass and silicon behave better when it comes on the sticking business of the material. It is always a better idea to put your container of concentrate into some sealable box.

Storing glass pipes:

Following are the instructions to store your glass pipes:

  • A sealable hard plastic container. These are affordable, simple, and trap odors relatively well. The downside is that they’re not padded, so you’ll need to be careful when handling your container.
  • A padded box with a dedicated space for your glass piece. The best options are ones that are also airtight and odor proof.
  • If you want to be extra-discreet and secure, try a small safe or lockbox. Just be sure it’s padded so that your piece stays protected. This option is especially useful for those who have expensive custom glass and are willing to spend more to protect their precious paraphernalia.

Storing bongs and bong equipment:

It is always difficult to store bongs properly because of their size. It would help if you did not choose any container or box to store them. Keep them neat and clean and store them in a standing position. Put them at the place where they can’t jolt or break. But when it comes to storing the bong equipment, you can keep them in some box or container. Make sure every part of the bong has enough place.

Storing Marijuana dab rigs and dab tools:

You need to store you r gear properly because dabbing is different and it needs specific components like nail, carb, domes, caps and much more. All these components should be durable because dabbing needs higher temperature. It is satisfying that you can find a number of storage options in the market when it comes on storing dabs. Few of the storage options include:

  • Storage jars or containers for concentrates, typically made out of glass or silicone.
  • “Wallets” for storing multiple concentrate jars and tools like dabbers.
  • Larger storage boxes with compartments for dab jars, nails, dabbers, carb caps, and other tools, or additional space for larger attachments in some models.
  • Hard-shell or soft-shell cases with padded storage compartments for your rig and gear.
  • Small safes or hard-shell cases that come with locks for additional security.
  • Odor-proof, locking, and heavily padded traveling cases to keep all your dab gear safe, discreet, and secure.

Other cannabis storage considerations:

Storage for joints, spliffs and blunts:

Generally, a number of small storage cylindrical containers can be bought from market to store joints, spliffs and blunts.

Storage for One-Hitters:

If you ever use a one-hitter, the best storage option is to get a piece that slides down into a dugout. Typically, dugouts include a cylindrical opening for your one-hitter as well as an open chamber into which you can drop some ground cannabis. That way, you can store your piece, take it with you on the go, and pack your one hitter all with a single storage device.

Storage for vape pens Storing Marijuana:

To conclude, Vape pens are a wide-spreading trend. Furthermore, one of the most popular equipment. Basically, because of their size, it is easy to store them. If you store them properly, you can maintain their condition and performance. THC cartridge portion of these vape pens should be stored properly.

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