This terpene has a strong peppermint-like smell. Pulegone is in many products like perfumes and aromatherapy. Also, It is a strong and effective insecticide. Researches are taking place to investigate if pulegone can store memory by curing memory inhibiting protein. Pulegone also has anti-anxiety properties.

What is pulegone? 

In other words, This type of terpene found in many perfumes and enhances odor because of a minty terpene profile. This type of terpene will Compare to menthol in this regard. Also known as one of the three most useful plants to behave like an insecticide. Found easily in palo santo trees of Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.

Pulegone in everyday life: 

as a matter of fact, catnip is the natural source of pulegone. Also used in candies that have peppermint flavour Perfumes and aromatherapy products with a cool, fresh scent, meaning they may also incorporate this into their formulas. This type of terpene has been a brew for tea and flavor for alcoholic beverages and baked goods. 

Therapeutic properties of pulegone: 

This terpene is one of the major components of pennyroyal oil. Indigestion, menstrual conditions, common cold, headaches, and convulsion are the medical conditions in which you can get relief by using pulegone. Also said that anti-anxiety properties exist as well, but yet to be proven on human beings.  


A study published in Biological & pharmaceutical Bulletin back in 2014 in which it found that pulegone has a strong anti-anxiety effect when tested on mice. 


A study published in the Biological & pharmaceutical Bulletin back in 2014 in which it speculates that it can improve motor and mental function.  

Role of pulegone in cannabis: 

On the contrary, this type of terpene you will find in low concentrations of the cannabis plants. However, a number of consumers experienced the stress relief and light sedation when they smoke cannabis which has pulegone in it. 


Regardless, This particular terpene they consider to be a minty terpene that has proven to be helpful to treat anxiety.  


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