Chongz Bongs

Chongz Bongs are producing some of Australia’s premium bongs and glassware. are proud to stock the latest range of chongz bongs. Featuring their award winning bongs all over the world. In addition, using only the highest quality materials for the making of their masterpiece items! Whether your after something flash with loads of filtration or something simple to sesh between you and your mates. ¬†Guarantee satisfaction when using chongs equipment.

For years the chongz range has diversified into some of the greatest designs Australia is actually seeing today. offering oil rigs, attachments, beakers, flat base bongs, didgeridoos, simple bongs, premium filter bongs and everything in between! Chongz is a guarantee they have something you are into.

Because of their vast range of bongs, chongz take pride in affordability. featuring many of their bongs as a cheap alternative for someone who isn’t willing to spend an arm or a leg and is really just after something practical they have you covered. In saying this, their technical bongs are still valued at a great price. Featuring Perc filters, dual system filtration, honeycomb filters and some with all three! All their bongs are standing between 20cm and 60cm tall. Giving you a bong size range suited for anyone! We stock chongz based on good old Aussie quality at an affordable price, In Australia, we find shopping for bongs many people choose the simple products. Chongz bongs provide you with this! Visit for our latest range of herb related items, dispatching directly to your door!

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