Chongz Diffuser Glass Bong


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Chongz Diffuser Glass Bong 27cm


The Chongz Diffusor Glass Bong has an amazing dual-use functionality that makes for an awesome piece to add to your smoking collection. This bong has a unique and distinctive shape and colour and comes with a conepiece. Dome and Nail to enhance your smoking experience between herbs and dabbing. Additionally, it has a triple diffusor that, giving you the smoothest, most clean pulls possible.

Chongz Diffuser Glass Bong Product Details:

  • Height: 27cm
  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Clear Glass 18mm Dome and Nail
  • Removable Clear Glass 18mm Female Cone Piece
  • Coloured Glass Accents
  • In-Built Stem
  • Double Showerhead Percolator

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