Chongz Dengers Double Percolator Glass Bong 28cm


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Chongz Dengers Double Percolator Glass Bong 28cm

The Chongz Dengers 28cm Double Percolator Glass Bong looks spectacular and is full of cool features such as its ornate bowl and double percolator system.

The Dengers bong is constructed from high quality 5mm thick glass that makes it extra strong. This makes it ideal for everyday smoking use. The double percolator system helps cools down the smoke by forcing it to travel a greater distance giving it more time to cool the smoke down. It also helps to remove tar from the smoke before inhaling.

The Black and White swirl patterns on the top of the percs give the Dengers a decisive look and would look amazing in any bong collection. The angled shaft gives it a very ergonomic feel and makes using the bong a pleasure and a treat to use.

Chongz Dengers Double Percolator Glass Bong 28cm Product Details:

  • Height: 28cm
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm
  • Black Accented Glass
  • In-Built Stem
  • Percolators
  • 14mm Clear Bubble Cone Piece

We recommend this product with the Grinder 4 part purple

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