Basically, One of the most famous terpenes which cannabis has. Also, many researchers are taking lace on pinene to investigate its properties to fight against inflammation, cancer and respiratory conditions.

What is pinene?

Generally, Pinene has this name because it has an aroma like a pine tree. However, you will find this type of terpene in trees and other plants, not just cannabis. Therefore, It is a must ingredient in insecticides and sparks ignition engines. This is because a-pinene dimer (two identical pinene molecules linked together) may have volumetric heating values that rank as high as rocket fuel.

Difference between alpha pinene and beta pinene?

With this purpose in mind, Both alpha and beta are two kinds ofthis type of terpene. Certainly, Alpha pinene is one of the most abundant terpenoids in nature. Nevertheless, Scientists are conducting studies to investigate the properties of both alpha and beta-pinene.

where will you find it?

Most compelling evidence, We can have this type of terpene in dill, basil, rosemary, parsley and essential oils. Also, coniferous are rich in pinene.

Therapeutic properties of pinene:

But that as it may, Alpha pinene is the focus. Expect that it can have many therapeutic benefits for human beings. These advantages include inflammation, anti-cancer and antimicrobial.


Many essential oils which have this type of terpene in them have proven to be helpful. as far as reduction of inflammation is concerned. A study wrote in the American Journal of Chinese medicine in 2015 said that this type of terpene has properties to fight against inflammation.


Basically, A number of studies have done on animals to prove that both alpha and beta-pinene have benefits to fight cancer. A study wrote in the Medical Journal of Chemotherapy in 2018. This said that if the patient takes them together, it will have synergistic effects in reducing tumours.


With this purpose in mind, Researchers look at both alpha and beta-pinene. due to its antimicrobial effects. A study wrote in the Swiss scientific journal Molecules back in 2012. This showed that this type of terpene is the best choice to fight against Candida Albicans.


Important to realise, Cannabis is generally to make the moods of patients. In Ethnopharmacology’s journal back in 2012, a study wrote something that makes sense provides the results. Beta pinene has the properties to behave like an antidepressant in mice.


For instance, A study published in Molecules back in 2011. This investigated the properties of both alpha and beta-pinene to fight against the infectious bronchitis virus.  The study concluded that this type of terpene could prove to be helpful to treat bronchitis.


Scientists have been studying this type of terpene to have properties to fight against the neurological disorder. They are conducting their studies on animals so far. They have proved that this type of terpene can fight against Alzheimer, amnesia, dementia, cognitive dysfunction and memory loss.

Role of pinene in cannabis:

This is extremely easy to figure out this type of terpene in cannabis because it has one of the strongest scents that any terpene has.

A number of cannabis strains are full of pinene like:


Furthermore, this type of terpene has a sweet aroma which makes it easy to identify it. Basically, Researchers believe that pinene may prove helpful when it comes to fighting against inflammation and boosting memory.

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