Basically, Phytol is a rich grassy aroma, considering it as acyclic diterpene alcohol. With this Purpose in mind Vitamins, E and K are synthesizing by using them. Generally, Green tea is the natural source of it. That is why green tea also has mild sedative effects. Furthermore, Researches are going to look into using it to treat tumours, inflammation, and convulsions is possible.

What is phytol?

That being said, The yellow pigment that we sometimes observe in food dyes is basically phytol. It has an oily consistency. this emits a grassy aroma. However, the aroma of it is not that strong as other terpenes. Also, Phytol is a byproduct of chlorophyll. This terpene has its own importance when it comes to fighting against parasites.

this type of terpene in everyday life:

Green teas like matcha and sencha are the basic source of phytol. You have encountered it if you ever had supplements. It is frequently the use of scents, cosmetics, shampoos, cleaners and detergents.

Therapeutic properties of phytol:


A study wrote in the journal current pharmaceutical biotechnology back in 2016. Finding that this type of terpene can prove to be a good treatment for cancer, heart disease, and neurodegenerative disorders.

Another study wrote in 2013 by Brazilian researchers said that using this type of terpene on animals to relieve their pain.


Phytol, just like many other terpenes in cannabis, has antitumor properties. A study back in 2015 suggested that people treat liver cancer using this terpene. Furthermore, studies show that this type of terpene can fight against other kinds of tumours.


Using many compounds as relief of pain. This type of terpene is one such terpene that has properties to relieve pain.

Anticonvulsant and anti-anxiety:

this type of terpene showed properties of being anti-anxiety and anti-conclusive medication. Although the studies on it have only been done on animals yet in the future, we are expecting to experiment with it on humans.

Role of phytol in cannabis:

Sour Diesel and Cheese are two cannabis varieties that contain high levels of phytol. The light fragrance in this type of terpene may provide a mildly aromatic experience. Phytol-rich cannabis may also induce a mild relaxing and sedative effect.


Phytol is considering to be a lesser aromatic terpene but it has antioxidant properties to relieve pains.

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