This type of terpene is basically a pair of both alpha phellandrene & beta phellandrene. They both have the same molecular structure and chemical properties—both considering to be bond isomers. We can find it in tea tree oil.   

What is this terpene?

Perfumes and essences are made when both alpha phellandrene and beta phellandrene are mixed. They both are insoluble in water. This terpene is not so commonly found on cannabis. Also, that is why This type of Terpene is a secondary terpene. This type of Terpene is in Chinese medicines for centuries with This type of terpene.

Phellandrene in everyday life:

With this purpose in mind, ginger grass, cinnamon, angelica, lavender, mint, dill, parsley, and pine are a few phellandrene sources apart from cannabis. However, If you wear frosted scents, you might have experienced This type of terpene. People use it in French toast and dill potato salad. You can also experience it in a scoop of mint chocolate chip ice cream. You can also find it in oils of lavender and eucalyptus.

Therapeutic properties of Phellandrene:

This type of terpene has great value and long history. Researches are going on the effects of phellandrene on cancer cells, Fungai and inflammation.


A study published in the journal Nutrition and cancer back in 2014. finding that a study on human liver tumour cells can be reducing this type of terpene. Same results, researchers got when tested on leukemia. Researchers need to determine how alpha-phellandrene could affect clinical cases of cancer.


A study published in the journal Botanical Studies back in 2017 demonstrated that This type of terpene has antifungal advantages. The study on the removal of Fungai when This type of terpene was in the making. Researchers concluded that alpha-phellandrene showed fungicidal activity that could control the Pennicilium cyclopean fungus in tomatoes.


Some terpenes naturally have the ability to be anti-inflammatory, and This type of terpene is one of such terpenes. But the mechanism used by phellandrene to get inflammation is different from other terpenes.


Many studies conducted on animals to prove that it is also a pain reliever. This type of terpene, along with other terpenes in essential oil, may relieve many pains.

Role of phellandrene in cannabis:

First, This type of terpene is the least common terpene in cannabis. Obviously, unlike camphene and carene, phellandrene is not in cannabis. It adds really a delightful aroma to cannabis. If you feel a spicy aroma while having cannabis, it means you just encountered This type of terpene.


Phellandrene is in a number of medical and practical uses. It adds additional aroma to the perfumes.

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