Firstly, many plants and fruit have this type of terpene in them. Also, Mint, parsley, tarragon, kumquats and mangoes are a few of the natural sources of . Chemical variant beta ocimene is insoluble in water, but it is soluble in few organic solvents like ethanol and acetone.

What is ocimene?

In addition, Ocimum is a Greek word that means basil. Generally, The name ocimene is deriving from this Greek word. However, the profile of terpenes is not considering herbal. Generally, We have this type of terpene naturally in the oil of basil. With this purpose in mind, The flavour of this type of terpene is not citrus and fruity. Correspondingly, The insect does not like their scent, which is why ocimene scent is in many insecticides.

What does the terpene ocimene do?

Also, Apart from being a pain in many insecticides, some other industries are taking advantage of this type of terpene. However, These may include antiperspirants, fabric softeners, shampoo, soap, and hard-surface cleaners.

Therapeutic properties of ocimene:

However, Researchers have started working to know about the medical effects of many cannabis terpenes, and this type of terpene is one of such terpenes. Basically, This terpene has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties.


Furthermore, A study published in Natural Medicine’s journal back in 2015 investigated ocimene as one of the ingredients against moulds and yeasts. Nevertheless, The researchers were of the view that ocimene might have antifungal properties.


Basically, A study published in the journal of Food and chemical toxicology back in 2013. Also, The researchers observed strong anti-inflammatory activity. With this purpose in mind, this study revealed a possible combative effect against ringworm, and researchers recommended the oil for the management of other inflammatory diseases.


Correspondingly A report of Chemistry & Biodiversity studied seven Lebanese species of trees back in 2008. This type of terpene was a major ingredient of the oil studies that are underway. However, The study investigated the antiviral properties of ocimene.  

Which terpene makes you cough?

Basically, A number of smokers are of the view that they cough when they smoke a cannabis strain which has high levels of ocimene.

Role of ocimene in cannabis:    

These cannabis strains containing higher averaging concentrations of the ocimene terpene:

  • Strawberry Cough
  • Golden Goat
  • Space Queen
  • Sour Diesel


This terpene has woody and herbal, and it has many health advantages like decongestion. Much more research is needing to explore ocimene.

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