Generally, We can have this type of terpene in a number of essential oils like Jasmin and lavender. However, The aroma of this terpene is woody and floral, which makes t an essential part of perfumes and scented sanitisers. With this purpose in mind, Nerolidol, cis-nerolidol and trans-nerolidol are two types of nerolidol. Also, People use it for antifungal, sedative, anticancer, antibacterial, and anti-anxiety.

What is Nerolidol?

This type of terpene may benefit in fighting against pests that harm humans and plants. Nerolidol has, in some cases, been effective at warding off head lice, spider mites, parasites, and certain bacteria and fungi, in addition to exhibiting a range of other potential health benefits as a scent compound and a naturally occurring component of cannabis.

What is cis-nerolidol?

That being said, Cis and trans are the two kinds of nerolidol. Basically, The difference between the two lies in the arrangement of their atoms.

What is this type of terpene good for?

In addition, this type of terpene has a woody and floral kind of aroma. Because of this, manufacturers use it in lotions and perfumes. Essential oils and scented moisturizers are other products in which people use it.

Therapeutic properties of nerolidol:

Nevertheless, A number of researches are taking place to investigate the health advantages of this type of terpene. Basically, Scientists need to conduct clinical researches to understand the health benefits.


At the same time, a study wrote in the Biological & pharmaceutical Bulletin back in 2007 investigating the properties to fight against skin fungus in pigs.


Also, a study wrote in the journal Neurochemical research back in 2013 proving the sedative and antioxidant effects of Nerolidol.


A study wrote in the journal BMC Neuroscience proving that Nerolidol had apparent antioxidant properties in rodents. Furthermore, It can treat neurological conditions.


Clarifying this, studies wrote in Basic Pharmacology & Toxicology back in 2017 showing this type of terpene is helpful to fight against human liver cancer.

Antibacterial and antimicrobial:

A study wrote in the journal Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy back in 2003 showed that this type of terpene has properties to make specific strains of bacteria much more susceptible to antibiotics.


A study wrote in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology back in 2016 investigating the anti-anxiety effects of nerolidol.

Skin lesions:

A 2007 study wrote in the International Journal of Pharmaceutics back in 2007 said that using this type of terpene as a skin penetration enhancer in animals proving to be useful in skin lesions.

Role of nerolidol in cannabis:

Nerolidol has sedative properties. That being said, because of these properties, nerolidol gives a tranquillizing effect when consuming cannabis. As well as, The cannabis strains Jack Herer, Blue Dream, Black Lime Reserve, Chemdawg, Island Sweet Skunk, and Skywalker OG contain high levels of nerolidol. Although this may be true, Jack Herer and Blue Dream, in particular, are two prominent cannabis strains high in THC, which may enhance any psychoactive or sedative effects of nerolidol.


In the same way, this type of terpene has a floral, woody aroma. It can be used to fight against diseases like malaria and cancer. learn more with Terpenes And The Entourage Effect

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