Generally, Myrcene is also known as beta myrcene. Basically, It is one of the basic components of many fruit and plants. Cannabis, ylang-ylang, bay, parsley, wild thyme, lemongrass, hops, cardamom and mango, are the natural sources of this type of terpene. However, According to a 1997 study by the Swiss Federal Research Station for Agroecology and Agriculture, the study reports that this type of terpene comprises 65% of the terpene content in a cannabis plant.

What is myrcene?

This type of terpene is the most abundant terpene of the cannabis plant. That being said, It has an earthly scent. Basically, It smells like clove and musk. Nevertheless, that this type of terpene works in conjunction with cannabinoids t treat a number of both mental and physical ailments.

What is myrcene used for?

Myrcene is mostly used in the cosmetic industry to make cosmetics and fragrances. You should take lemongrass tea if you have insomnia because it naturally calms your mind down. If you ever had lemongrass tea, it means you already have tasted that this type of terpene. It is also frequently in Asian cuisine. Generally, If you are cooking anything with parsley in it, you are encountering myrcene.

What does it taste like?

The strains of cannabis, which are rich with that this type of terpene, taste spicy, musky and earthy. It also has a tint of sweetness, just like ripe mangoes.

Therapeutic properties of myrcene:

Myrcene has a long list of properties to benefit human beings. that this type of terpene has the properties of being anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour and sedative.


A study wrote in the European Journal of Pharmacology back in 2015. This study investigated myrcene’s potential effects on osteoarthritis. This study showed that it had anti-inflammatory and it slows down the process of damage and disease. The study also suggested further investigation.


Just like other terpenes, myrcene has anti-tumour properties. The usage of it can prove to be beneficial to kill cancerous tumours. A study wrote in the journal of the Korean society of applied biology chemistry back in 2015, which recommends that this type of terpene may be helpful in fighting against breast cancer.


When you consume cannabis strain which is rich in myrcene, you feel sedation. However, science has not proved it yet. A study wrote in the journal Phytomedicine back in 2002, which suggested a huge dose of that this type of terpene may have sedative effects on mice.


It is good news that this type of terpene has the ability to protect human skin from ultraviolet rays, which means it slows down the process of aging, according to a study published in the American Journal of Chinese medicine back in 2017. With this purpose in mind, It is in sunscreens and anti-aging creams.

Can myrcene get you high?

Its s simple if you are consuming only myrcene, you can’t get high. Consuming high-level myrcene can make you have experience of being high. Research published in 2016 in the journal Nutraceuticals suggested that this sensation may be due to the that this type of terpene playing a key role in facilitating the transport of cannabinoids into your brain.

Role of myrcene in cannabis:

Types of cannabis, like White Widow, Skunk XL, and Special Kush, have high levels of myrcene, which means to have higher than average relaxation. Also, It might have sedative effects. But no scientific has not proved it yet.


Myrcene may offer an enhanced high and hope for those coping with osteoarthritis and other inflammatory conditions.

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