How To Make Pot Cookies?

How To Make Pot Cookies?

without reservation, humans beings are using cannabis-made edibles for centuries. Bhang tradition in India and mahjong in Morocco are the best examples of it. in that case, this is no surprise that the slower legalization of weed has led to a spike in cannabis infusions. However, nowadays the variety of cannabis edibles is getting increased day by day. But taking it back to basic is always nice. You can bake your own goods with your favorite strain. in the same fashion, Pot cookies are the easiest and the best thing to start with.

Tips for making weed cookies:


The most important step to make these weedy cookies is to decarboxylate your cannabis flowers. Set your oven at 200°F. Skip this step, and your cookies might leave you with some warm, fuzzy feelings, but they’re unlikely to produce the full-body high you’d expect from an edible. Not to mention, Dosing: Next step is to dose your edibles. The potency of the cookies depends on the potency of the cannabis flowers. Do check the lab results of the cannabis flowers before making cookies. If you are confused about it, use a high CBD flower for cannabutter.


while this may be true, There is a number of ways to make a cannabutter. You can make it by traditional stovetop method or to cook it in the slow cooker.


Oven temperature:

Keep the temperature of our oven low. Keep it below 350°F.

Strong flavour:

Cannabutter can be added to any recipe but to make it tasty, you have to add some flavors to this weedy butter. Though, Gingerbread and other heavily spiced cookies can be strong as you like with almost no lingering flavour of weed. Chocolate is another favourite for its strong, earthy flavour that can actually complement herbal notes.

What you will need?

to put it another way, It is extremely easy to make weed coated cookies. You can use a boxed cookie mix. or

2 sticks of butter (more if you want to do a mix of regular butter and cannabutter)
Boxed cookie dough
Mixing bowl
Cookie sheet pan
Small saucepan
3.5 grams of ground cannabis


Steps to make pot cookies:

Follow the following steps to make pot cookies:


Prepare the cannabutter
Preheat the oven to 350°F
Decide the rating of cannabutter to regular butter
Add both dry and wet ingredient into the mixing bowl
Mix it well
Put small balls of dough on butter paper
Bake them for 10-15 minutes

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