Isopulegol is one of the terpenes of cannabis that has a minty aroma. Generally, this type of terpene is basically a chemical precursor of menthol and it is present there in lemongrass naturally. Just like other terpenes, it has health benefits of anti-inflammatory, gastroprotective and antiviral effects.

What is isopulegol?

Peppermint oil and essential oil can treat headache. Generally, Made by natural menthol, which has this type of terpene in it. United States, Germany, China and India are the countries which produce isopulegol in huge quantity. Found in the flowering geranium plant, which is very common in the Mediterranean and other such climates.

Isopulegol in everyday life:

this type of terpene also has cool, minty properties and that is the reason it is in cosmetics, soaps and in a number of other scented self-care products. Both isopulegol and menthol go hand in hand.

Therapeutic properties of it:

A very little research has done on the health benefits of isopulegol. With this purpose in mind, the researches which have done on it showed that it has the ability to fight inflammation. Also, Anxiety and few other disorders.


Furthermore, The plant lemon balm has been used in traditional Moroccan medicine and this type of terpene is an essential part of this plant. However, a study wrote in the journal Advances in Pharmacological Sciences back in 2013 suggests that the Melissa officinalis oil has the ability to fight against inflammation.


Nevertheless, a German study wrote in 2009 which conducting on a gastric ulcer on mice finding that this type of terpene has gastroprotective effects.


But now, research is underway to investigate the antiviral properties of this type of terpene. As a matter of fact, an English study wrote back in 2018 suggested that Isopulegol can prove to be extremely effective against H1N1 and H1N2.


Brazilian researchers conducted a study back in 2007 to prove that isopulegol reduces the effects of anti-anxiety.


Just like a number of other terpenes and cannabinoids, this type of terpene has anticonvulsive properties. The combined actions of these molecules may very well contribute to the ensemble effect when it comes to treating epilepsy.

Role of isopulegol in cannabis:

Generally, The strain of cannabis called Kosher Tangie has much higher levels of this type of terpene. But not so much research has been done on isopulegol.


Releasing the cooling essence of mint, isopulegol may offer hope to fight inflammation, gastrointestinal conditions and the flu.

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