Isoborneol has a spicy and woody aroma. Often, It is in flavouring agents to add flavour to foods. Generally, Isoborneol is an isomeric form of borneol — the isomers, or compounds, in the two, are the same, but the atomic arrangements and properties are different.

What is isoborneol?

However, this type of terpene has a fruity & juicy flavour. People use it in food and beverages. Also, Deriving from borneol, & it also has a camphor-like scent, which is woody.

Isoborneol in everyday life:

Furthermore, If you ever try the flavoured cake, you already have tasted isoborneol. because, this terpene is generally used in carrot cakes, gingerbread cookies & some other desserts. Last but not least, Different hard candies rich with fruit flavour. Beverages like orange and grape soda may have this type of terpene in them.

Therapeutic properties of it:

Basically, this type of terpene is one of the best antiviral agents. With this purpose in mind, It can treat common herpes. It also has the properties of antimicrobial, antitumor.


Firstly, A study wrote in Antiviral Research back in 1999, which suggested that using isoborneol is useful against herpes simplex virus type 1. With that being said, the patients have sores and blister around their mouth in herpes. Isoborneol inactivates the virus, which causes them, within 30 minutes.


Besides, Just like linalool and camphene, this type of terpene might have antimicrobial qualities. However, A study wrote in Natural Product Communications back in 2013, which investigated isoborneol and other terpenes to analyze the. Furthermore, the Antimicrobial activity of many essential oils. Nevertheless, The oils which have isoborneol in them responded with the highest microbial effects.


A study wrote on Investigational New Drugs back in 2011, which explained that cancerous tumours in mice slowed down using the derivative of this type of terpene. Generally, Researchers recommended further investigation.


We can use isoborneol to treat some of the neurodegenerative diseases. Also, A study published in Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry back in 2007 suggested it. this type of terpene is a strong antioxidant. It can do wonders as far as neurodegenerative diseases are concerned.

 Role of isoborneol in cannabis:

Isoborneol adds sweetness and spiciness to your cannabis experience. It is yet to be investigating to know the role this type of terpene can play as far as psychoactive effects of cannabis are concerned.

To conclude, this type of terpene has a spicy and warm profile. Basically, It may have properties to fight against a number of diseases and viruses.

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