Humulene is also famous by the names of alpha humulene and a-humulene. With this purpose in mind, The essential oil we get from the flowering cone of the hops plant. Also, this type of terpene is an essential component of it. We can also have humulene from cannabis and all the cannabis-derived essential oil with higher concentration. This terpene is under investigation for its anti-inflammatory properties.

What is Humulene?

Furthermore, humulene is one of the most common terpenes of cannabis. Both this type of terpene and caryophyllene are present in hops. Generally, Ancient Chinese apothecaries used to use essential oils with humulene terpene for its therapeutic usage. However, even nowadays, people use Chinese ginseng for many purposes, which has this type of terpene in it.

 Where can we find it?

Most important, If you have ever walked through an orchard of oranges, a sunflower field and a pine forest, then you already have encountered humulene. Also, the essential oils we get from tobacco, marsh elders and cannabis, humulene is an active component of these oils. Herbs like sage, ginseng and coriander also have this type of terpene naturally in them.

Therapeutic properties of humulene:

Basically, researchers have been investigating the anti-inflammatory and antitumor properties of this type of terpene. Although results are satisfactory but more investigation is underway.


Generally, many terpenes in cannabis have the properties to treat inflammation. Also, This type of terpene is one such terpene that can treat inflammation. Also, A study wrote in the European Journal of Pharmacology back in 2007, which showed that this type of terpene “might represent important tools for the management and/or treatment of inflammatory diseases”.


Firstly, this type of terpene has successful tests in fighting cancerous cells. With this purpose in mind, a study wrote in Plants Medica bac in 2003 established that this type of terpene might have the ability to kill cancer cells.

Role of humulene in cannabis:

Eight cannabis varieties are high in humulene terpene. GSC (fka Girl Scout Cookies), Headband, White Widow, Pink Kush, Bubba Kush, Super Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel, and Skywalker OG are such varieties.


To conclude, a prominent terpene in cannabis. Basically, This type of terpene is distinctive for its association with the hops in beer and has shown potential in treating allergies, tumours, and particularly inflammation.


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