How To Make A Joint Art?

How To Make A Joint Art?

Joint Art actually are to show the aesthetic sense of the user. It is to play with your cannabis. People love to show their creativity in their joints. Joints are considered to be the ultimate method of smoking cannabis but the thing is that the joint style depends on the smoker individually. Bats, cones and pinners are the classic joint shapes.


From Seth Rogen rolling cross Joints to Tony Greenhand’s mind-boggling creations, the spectrum is vast. With this purpose in mind, a Specially designed custom joint can even run upwards of a few thousand dollars depending on the shape and amount of flower used.

The quality of the weed and the strain you select is equally as important as the shape you roll. But if you’re nervous about botching your first few attempts, try practicing with shake or weed that might be slightly past its prime. The lower the stakes, the more fun you’ll have.

Design your own smoke able art:

furthermore, The tools you use to roll your joint can be used to design your smoke-able art. If you have the basic skills, you can design wonders.

What you will need?

a grinder
high-quality rolling papers
a toothpick


The most compelling evidence, The sticky strip, which is there on rolling papers, can be used to create wonders of art. If you were too moist it a little bit, it turns itself into a natural gum which is just right for smoking A Joint. It does not add any extra chemicals into your mixture. You can get started with these two shapes.

The cross joint:

Also, If you add more cannabis to your joint, it would get easier for you to build a cross joint. You need to roll a thin joint to use it as a cross-section. It does not need a filter. Poke a hole of three-quarters right above the bottom of the fat joint by using a toothpick.

Then slowly widened this hole by navigating toothpick in it. Next, you have to poke a hole right in the middle of your joint. This hole will allow the smoke to get into your mouth. Small mistake can ruin your joint. Now, assemble your cross joints. Put the thin joint into large joint. Twist, push and then push it until small hole fits in large hole. You need to stay alert and careful during the whole procedure.

Another key point, Cut the sticky strip of the rolling paper with the help of a pair of scissors and wrap it around the intersection of the joint. It will keep your joint airtight.

The braided joint:

Roll three joints arts with the help of a filter. Secondly, Place these joints like a pyramid and then wrap them into few sticky strips. Moist them a little bit to seal the strip around the joint. Thirdly Keep them aside for few minutes to get them dry before moving further. Once the joints are dried up, just like you braid the lock of hair, braid your joints in the same way. Last but not least Gently, twist both ends of the joints so that your flowers could stay inside. unquestionably, Just light it up and enjoy.


Make your airways are getting led to the same filter otherwise, you won’t be able to smoke properly. At the end of the day, your artistic smokeable don’t have to be perfect, you just have to enjoy what you are smoking.


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