How To Light A Joint?

How To Light A Joint?

In brief, it isn’t that simple to light a joint, especially for a new smoker. Basically, Learn about the right way of lighting a joint for your upcoming smoking session.

Correct way to light a joint?

Generally, usage of hemp wick, coated in beeswax. Beeswax is one of the safest and most eco-friendly ways to light a blunt. Although, raditional lighters are not environment friendly and hemp wick is the best organic alternate of them. With this purpose in mind, Now you do not need to inhale butane. Hemp wicks can Also light bongs
and pipes.

lighting a joint with a hemp wick:

  • Light up one end of the hemp wick
  • Angle the hemp wick slightly up or down to stay in control of the burn
  • Twist the joint to create an even flame all around
  • Be careful of dripping beeswax
  • Smoke the joint
  • Putting the hemp wick out after your joint is lit.

You want to have just the perfect balance of flame when you light up a joint. Canoeing isn’t welcomed by smokers. You can avoid canoeing by twisting your joint slowly. Inhale few puffs of the joint after the tip of your joint is lit. This step is necessary to ensure that cherry is formed. Canoeing won’t light your Spliff evenly which will be irritating for you.

Lighting a joint with a lighter:

Most smokers use butane lighters to light their blunt up. But if smokers are conscious about their health, they won’t be in favour to use these butane lighters. Butane can be an allergen to anyone who has a weak respiratory system. Also, it can be irritant to your eyes, skin
and even lungs. Some smokers used candles for lighting their Spliff. However, we do not recommend itcandles.

Lighting a joint with matches:

Match sticks have sulfur on them which is why you shouldn’t use matches to light your blunt up. Usage of matches can also spoil the flavor of your joint. Potassium chlorate and phosphorus are also art of matches which you definitely do not want to inhale. if you used matches let the match burn for some time before lighting joint. Sulfur will get burned.

How to put a joint out to save it for later?

Also, If you want to save cannabis for your next session, simply put the joint out. Press the burning end of the joint against the surface of an ashtray like you do with a tobacco cigarette. Pressing too hard can crush your joint. So, stay gentle on your joint. Furthermore, you can also simply break the cherry off and put it into the ashtray without applying any pressure on it. A tightly joint tube can also work.

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