How To Clean A Dab Rig

  How to clean a dab rig 

On this day, dabbing has become the most popular method of smoking, similarly, a dab rig water pipe which is used to vaporize cannabis concentrates has become the most important smoking device. Generally, a dab rig and a bong give you the same service. But dab rigs are smaller in size than bongs, so the smoke travels to the lungs in less time.  

Just like a bong, a dab rig filters the cannabis concentrates through the water at the base of it. Also, A dab rig is usually connected with a banger instead of a traditional bowl to hold cannabis.  

The cleaning of a dab rig will be easy if you clean it every now and then. Dab rigs always build up reclaim which can reduce the ability of your dab rig.  

Furthermore, we are going to discuss on step by step how to clean and maintain a dab rig. 

What you will need: 

You will be needing the following items to clean your dab rig: 

  • 99% isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) 
  • Coarse sea salt 
  • One large sealable plastic bag or container 
  • Cotton swabs 

Instruction to clean your dab rig: 

You need to follow the following steps to clean your dab rig: 

Torch your nail: 

The best and widely used procedure to clean your dab rig is to heat it up with the help of a torch lighter. The residual carbon will be burnt. If your dab rig is not so dirty, this simple procedure is enough to clean it up.  

Put the nail into a sealable bag: 

If your nail didn’t get clean buy heating it, remove the nail and put it into a sealable bag and pour alcohol in the bag. Put some salt in it and give the bag a shake every now and then. 

Pour the water out of the rig: 

Pour used water out of the nail. It is important to change the water on daily basis if you are using the rig daily. Changing the water daily will help you to remove the residual daily.  

Pour alcohol: 

Pour alcohol in the bag you are keeping your nail in. Add some coarse salt if you want a deep cleaning.  

Shake the rig: 

Use a standard size plug or your fingers to cover the holes of the Dabbing device. Give it a shake to clean all the residuals.  

Rinse the rig and nail: 

Once you cleared the residuals, rinse your nail thoroughly with warm water. Shaking while rinsing will make the procedure of cleaning easier.  

Collecting reclaim: 

Edibles, tinctures and capsules can be made with reclaim similar to resin. Because reclaim retains cannabinoids from the concentrates, you can always use it for dabbing.  

Since few dab rigs have designed with drop down, it gets easy to collect the reclaim. But if your dab rig does not have it and you need to use alcohol to have it, then it is not recommended d to reuse the reclaim.  

To conclude, regular maintenance is necessary to have optimal performance every time you use it. You should change the water now and then and clean it thoroughly with the help of a cotton swab. 

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