How to clean a cone piece

How to clean a cone piece

Nowadays, more and more people are looking for new ways to clean their conepieces! Whether or not it’s metal or brass, eventually the conepiece needs cleaning. This is why we provide a step by step process for cleaning your cone piece. We will show you the best way for cleaning your CP without using chemicals. This is because using harmful chemicals can cause carcinogenic inhalation the next time you use your cone piece.

Cleaning a cone piece:

Firstly, cleaning a brass cone piece you will need a zip lock bag, toothbrush, salt and some rubbing alcohol.

  1. Get your dirty cone piece and place it into the plastic zip lock bag
  2. add some salt into the bag
  3. Pour your chosen alcahol into the bag
  4. shake the bag and let the cone piece sit in it for 5 minutes
  5. open the bag but do not spill the contents!
  6. get your toothbrush and gently scrub the CP using the salt and alcohol rub
  7. scrub until your cone piece is nice and clean!
  8. once you have done this rinse your CP with some warm water. This will rid any unwatned cleaning substances before you use it again.

All in all, cleaning your cone piece is not only hygienic but also helps prevents blockages. The upkeep on your cone piece is just as important as the upkeep for things like your bong or waterpipe.

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