How Is Live Resin Made?

How Is Live Resin Made?

What is live resin?

Resin generally referred to as concentrate extracted from the cannabis plant. The only fresh plant used to make rezz allows many active compounds to get retained. Terpenes and flavonoids are such compounds.
In the year 2013, the live resin was first made in Colorado. Since then rezz has become a huge success as far as cannabis extract is concerned. It provides a high-quality experience. Kind bill who is the creator of it gave this name to the extract. He chooses this name because the end product smells very much like a flower.

How its made?

Like any other concentrate, live resins extracted with the same procedure and material. Fresh frozen plants are preferred for it, but CO2 can also be used. Growers of cannabis, right after harvest, flash freeze to preserve active compounds of it to use it for live resin. Dry ice or liquid nitrogen is the best to use for this process.


Live resin is different from other concentrates:

furthermore, the flowers use making live rezz dried and cures for activating the THC to generate psychoactive and therapeutic effects. Unfortunately, we lose a large number of these terpenes during the drying process. However, A 1995 study from the University of Mississippi found that drying a cannabis plant for a week at room temperature resulted in a 31% loss of terpenes. To conclude, Live resin concentrate preserves the terpene profile of cannabis flowers, producing a more flavorful and psychoactive unique cannabis experience.

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