Cannabis, cypress pine and oil of guaiacum plant are the plants from where we can have this terpene called guaiol. Basically, Guaiol sometimes has the name champacol as well. Also, It has a woody and floral aroma. Last, it possesses anticancer and antibacterial properties.

What is it?

With that being said, the Spanish brought the plant of guaiacum to Europe in the 16th century. Generally, Guaiacum plants are rich in guaiol terpene and using it for natural medicines. Furthermore, the Spanish used it for its healing powers to cure syphilis. However, Some other cultures also used this terpene to treat menstrual symptoms, sore throat, cough, gout and rheumatism at the same time.

What does guaiol smell like?

Firstly, It has a very catchy, woody and rosy aroma. Secondly, the scent of guaiol is extremely fresh. The aroma sometimes gives you the feeling of walking about green trees.

What is the use of it?

With this purpose in mind, The guaiacum plant has lush flowers with a purple hue, especially the plant from the Caribbean and South America. If you ever visited the coastline of those regions, you must have encountered guaiol. We can also have this terpene in some fruits like apples, in spices like cumin and essential oils like tea tree oil.

Therapeutic properties of guaiol:

Guaiol has been used by North Americans in natural medicine for a long but researches are still taking place to investigate the therapeutic properties of it. Scientists have declared that this terpene has anti-cancer properties.


A study wrote in the journal Oncotarget back in 2016. Furthermore, it was the first-ever study to demonstrate the properties of anticancer that guaiol has. Results showed that this terpene slows down the process of cancer.


The fruit of Oxyopia sericea, which is native to Brazil, contains an essential oil high in this terpene (14%). A 2017 study published in the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology demonstrates the antibacterial, antioxidant, and antimicrobial effects of this essential oil. It highlights its utility in killing Staphylococcus aureus — a problematic bacterium responsible for staph infections.

Role of guaiol in cannabis:

Many cannabis varieties are rich in guaiol. Royal Gorilla, Sour Berry, Kali Dog, and Haze Berry are such varieties. It has a woody, floral and rosy aroma. Not many people were researching this type of terpene.


To conclude, Guaiol was the best remedy for many illnesses in the 18th century. Basically, People are still using it in the 21st century.


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