How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell?

How To Get Rid Of Weed Smell?

Cannabis consumers adopt the smell of it as a part of the smoking experience but not everyone around the consumer can be a fan of that aroma. We are going to explore how to Get Rid Of the Weed Smell and how you can cover it up in no time.

Cause of weed smell:


The impact of the smell of cannabis starts at the time of harvest. If cannabis plants, which are harvested at full maturity. They are then more porn to have a strong aroma. While the smell won’t be that strong if you are harvesting a young cannabis plant. The odor of cannabis is also dependent on terpenes. Terpenes gives odor and potent effect to the weed. Linalool is most fragrant terpenes which has a strong citrus scent. Amnesia Haze, pink kush and OG shark also have strong aroma. Here are some of the top strains that will fill your space with that signature skunky.

cannabis odours:

Island Sweet Skunk weed
Death Star
Sour Diesel weed
White Russian
Super Skunk

Myrcene. Hops, cardamom, and lemongrass are also natural sources of myrcene, which explains why they have subtle undertones of earth and musk. Weed smell in the air is also created by itself while having smoking experience. A number of things like rolling paper, ash, smoke and fire, they also contribute to create smell.

Tips to prevent weed smell:

You can adopt a number of ways to avoid Weed Smell. You can try the following tips to minimize weed smell:

  1. Select a cannabis with light fragrance such as Northern Lights, Blue Mystic, Polar
    Express, Papaya, and perhaps surprisingly and Sharksbreath.
  2. Keep your weed in airtight container to keep it fresh.
  3. Don’t involve vapes, pens and edibles while consuming weed
  4. Select a pipe for smoking instead of joint or bong
  5. You can use one hitters or flower vaporizers as well
  6. Use dryer sheet or toilet paper to smoke through it

Get Rid Of Weed Smell by adopting the above ways to have natural aromas.

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