How to use a dab rig

How to use a dab rig

What is it?

If we look into the meanings of both dab and dabbing, they both are related. Basically, describing Any kind of cannabis concentrates as a dab. Also, a dose of concentrate is also known as a dab. Whereas dabbing is the process to consume a dab.

How do dabs work?

Because of the powerful hits full of flavours, dabbing has become one of the most popular cannabis consuming methods. When the cannabinoids and terpenes are isolating from the cannabis plant, dabs are forming.

However, But the most important part is to consume these dabs correctly. You need to use a dab rig to vaporize the dab in the right way. This is the powerful effect of the dab, which makes it everybody’s favourite. With this purpose in mind, A smoking flower does not provide the effect as immediately as dabbing provides. Also, a Dab produces a rich flavour and strong terpene aroma.

The disadvantage of this method is its complexity. Temperature can affect the flavour of the dab if not used properly. Also, if your nail is not clean, it can also alter the effect of the concentrate. High-temperature dabs — 340-700 degrees Fahrenheit (170-370 degrees Celsius) — will scorch your concentrates, giving off an astringent and harsh flavour. On the other hand, dabbing below 340 degrees Fahrenheit (170 degrees Celsius) tends to produce cooler, smoother, more flavorful vapour. generally, commonly calling it a Low-temp dabs, also means that the concentrate is not fully vaporized, leaving behind a small amount of oil that can be easily removed with a cotton swab.

What is the bowl of it called?

using a nail is in the dab rig. another name for the nail is a banger. You can heat the nail up to a high temperature. The vapour travels through the hole which these bangers have.

What is a dab rig?

A combination of different tools and accessories which are to vaporize the concentrates. A dab rig generally has the following components:


Glass water pipe is the base of every dab rig. Both bong and dab rig are almost the same. But dab rig has to be connected with a nail or a bowl.


making of bangers out of glass, titanium, ceramic and quartz. Every material has some qualities that others do not possess. Few bangers come with a vacuum sealed jacket to retain heat for a longer period of time.

Carb cap:

The carb cap covers the top of the nail. They come with a tiny hole in them. It lowers the pressure in the banger. It also reduces the vaporization temperature.


using a dabber which is mainly to remove a dab from the concentrate container and put it on the nail for vaporization.


Torch is used to heat the nail up. Butane torch are best to use because propane torch can damage the nail due to its hotter flame.


An e-nail can be used to heat the nail up instead of waiting the torch to heat the banger up. This device electronically heats the nail to the temperature you desire.

Quartz insert:

In addition, surface adding up inside the banger by quartz insert increases the ability of the banger to get most of the dabs.

Fortunately, dab rigs are legal to be used. But dabs themselves are not legal everywhere. If you are living in the area where the usage of cannabis concentrates is legal then it is justified to keep dabs with you. But living in the area where marijuana and concentrates are not allowed, keeping dabs with you can cause trouble for you.

How to use a dab rig:

The newcomers in the cannabis culture are overwhelming by the accessories which are in dabbing. In fact, dabbing is as easy as other consumption methods. Below is the guide how to use the dab rig:

Step 1:

Use a torch to heat the nail up. If you are a new comer and you are using a quartz nail then heat it up until it turned red. If you are using an e-nail to heat the nail, set the temperature and wait for the nail to get heated up.

Step 2:

Keep your fingers cross and wait for the nail to cool down so the dab does not get scorched. The thickness of the banger will decide for how long you need to wait for the nail to get ready. Your target temperature should be around 300-450 degrees Fahrenheit (149-232 degrees Celsius) to get the most flavor out of your concentrates.

  • As a general rule, it usually takes 30-60 seconds for a nail to cool, depending on the material and thickness and how much you heated it.
  • To dial it in even further, you need to figure out exactly how long it takes for your nail to cool to your desired temperature. To do this, you’ll need an infrared thermometer and some sort of dab timer. You can use either a stopwatch or download a specialized app for your smartphone.
  • If you’re using an e-nail, you don’t need to wait for it to cool down. The e-nail will heat the nail to the precise temperature you tell it to.

Step 3:

Start inhaling the vapor once you put the concentrate on the nail. You need to inhale slowly and deeply when dabbing because not all concentrates vaporize instantaneously.

Step 4:

Put a carb cap on the hole of the banger to get the maximum. The cap will act like an oven to keep all the smoke inside the nail. Remove the cap when you want to vapor out the rig.

Step 5:

Exhale the vapor instantly.

Step 6:

You need to keep the nail neat and clean to prevent it from changing the color of your cannabis. Let the nail cool down and then clean it. Use isopropyl alcohol to clean the rig thoroughly.

How to dab CBD:

With the popularity of CBD, a number of smokers are dabbing CBD concentrates. The process to make CBD and THC is not different. Here are a few examples of CBD concentrates that you might see on a dispensary menu:

CBD isolate:

It contains almost 99% pure CBD. It generally comes in the form of powder, solid and crystalline. Following the use of an extraction process to remove all the active compounds from the cannabis plant, the remaining extract undergoes a refinement process that eliminates THC and all other phytocannabinoids, resulting in the purest available form of CBD.

CBD extract:

However, It contains the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes which are available on the cannabis plant.


This term is mainly used to describe CBD isolate which is combined with liquid terpenes.


A point often overlooked, you can have CBD concentrates in the form of shatters which are extracted as a slab and infused with terpenes.


This is malleable concentrate which breaks apart when handled. After the oil extraction, a crumbly substance is left.


Also, this form of concentrate is sticky and waxy. For both CBD and THC, wax concentrates can be produced from full-spectrum and isolate extraction methods.

To conclude, both consuming CBD and THC are the same. Heat your nail at the desired temperature, drop the dab onto the nail once it gets heated up and starts inhaling the vapour. Basically, Do not forget to clean the nail after every use.

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