Citronellol has a floral citrus aroma. Also, It can be in rose and botanical oils. Generally, It is an essential component of mosquito repellant. It has also been used in beauty products and perfume for a long. Researches have also proved that it has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour properties.

What is it?

With this purpose in mind, Citronellol is also famous by the name of dihydrogeraniol. Basically, It naturally is in citronella oil which is from the leaves and stem of the Lemongrass plant. Generally, Asia produces citronella oil, with up to 40% of the world’s supply from China and Indonesia. Madagascar, Honduras, and Mexico are among the world’s other producers of citronella oil.

Citronellol in everyday life:

Everyone who ever used mosquito repellant must have encountered this terpene. It is also In the repellants of spray, candles and diffusers. Beauty products and perfumes like body oil, after-shave balm, and deodorant soap companies are using them for since long.  

Therapeutic benefits of citronellol:

Firstly, apart from being a part of mosquito repellent, citronellol has a number of health benefits as well. Secondly, It has anti-inflammatory and anti-inhibiting effects.


Inflammation is the root cause of pain. A number of studies that were conducted on animals proved that citronellol is helpful to reduce pain. It uses a number of different mechanisms to relieve the pain.


Because citronellol has anti-inflammatory properties, it is speculated that it may also have anti-tumour effects as well. A number of studies showed that citronellol is proving to be effective as far as the treatment of lungs cancer is concerned because lungs can absorb it by using an inhaler. More research is underway to prove this.

Blood pressure:

A number of studies showed that citronellol has inhibitory properties on the human cardiovascular system. It is done by inhibiting the contraction of smooth muscle cells.

Role of citronellol in cannabis:

Great White Shark, Island Sweet Skunk, and Amnesia Haze are the cannabis varieties, we can have citronellol in. It has a lemony citrus flavour and aroma. The aroma and flavour of it are similar to honey, passionfruit and geraniums.


to conclude, It has a citrus lemony taste and it has anti-inflammatory, anti-human properties and it is an essential component in mosquito killers.

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