Cedrene has a very fresh and woody aroma. Also, It is typically found in the essential oil of cedar, also known as cedarwood. However, It is an extremely versatile terpene of cannabis. It has astringent, antispasmodic, and anti-tumour properties.

What is it?

This includes Cedar oil which also has the name cedarwood oil, which has cedrene in it. The wood of juniper and cypress trees are distilled to get this oil. This oils use is for its loads of medical purposes for a long time. Old civilizations of the middle east used to get that oil directly from the trees. Cedrus libani is the scientific name for the cedar tree that is also the national symbol of Lebanon. The ancient Sumerians used cedarwood oil as a base for paints. The ancient Egyptians harvested the oil for various practical applications, including as an insecticide.

Cedrene in everyday life:

Generally, You must have encountered cedrene if you ever used cedarwood oil. Everyone uses shampoo and deodorants, which contain cedarwood oil for its aroma and the antiseptic effects. In addition, there are a number of uses of cedarwood oil in holistic medicine. People are of the view that this oil may trigger hair growth when used on the scalp. It has properties to heal acne, relieve congestion, disinfecting wounds and fight restless leg syndrome.

Therapeutic properties of cedrene:

Also, A number of researches are underway on the therapeutic properties of cedrene.


Cedarwood oil is considering to be the best astringent. Basically, Like other astringents like apple cider vinegar and witch hazel, cedrene is in skincare products to tighten the skin. Generally, apple cider vinegar is the best because it is safe to use and is advantageous to our skin.


However, A study proved that cedrol along with cedrene in plants possess antibacterial and anti-tumor properties.


Firstly, Two studies conducted on cedrene oriented essential oil proved to have properties to kill cancer cells in human beings and it can be used in medicine to fight against cancer cells.

Role of cedrene in cannabis:

With this purpose in mind, Cedrene provides its light and woody aroma to the bouquet of cannabis. It is also known as aromatherapy enricher. Further research on this terpene may be proving to be helpful to explore its medical benefits.


To conclude, It is present therein cedarwood oil. The history of it is rich as far as the middle east is concerned. It may prove to be helpful to fight against cancer cells.

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