Beta or b-caryophyllene is another name of caryophyllene. This is one of the most famous terpenes of cannabis and it is widely accepted because of its herbal spiciness. Basically, Black pepper, cinnamon, and hops are the plants we can get caryophyllene from. Also, It has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, anticancer and antiseptic properties.

What is it?

Firstly, This terpene is a natural food additive. Also, It has a very sweet taste. Generally, This terpene has been thoroughly studied by researchers. In addition, Organic chemist and Harvard researcher E. However, J Corey studied caryophyllene in the 1960s and demonstrated the terpene’s unique properties. Furthermore, Corey’s pioneering research has aided contemporary scientists in investigating this type of terpenes potential therapeutic uses.

What is caryophyllene used for?

Also, If you cook or love spicy food, you must have encountered this terpene. Generally, A number of dishes like French toast and pepper steak have this type of terpene. It also has properties of preservation. With this purpose in mind, Caryophyllene along with hops is in a number of vodkas and hopped whiskeys. A number of topical skin products and detergents also contain this terpene.   

What does caryophyllene smell like?

This terpene has very strong, spicy, peppery aroma. We can have it from the essential oils of clove, basil, ylang ylang, rosemary and black caraway. Clove essential oil numbs the pains when tried specifically for toothache.

Therapeutic properties of caryophyllene:

A number of researches have been on animals to know about the health benefits of this type of terpene. But much more studies are needing to be done on human beings to uncover the properties of this terpene. A study wrote in the journal Molecules back in 2015 conducting trials on human cells and proved that this type of terpene has properties of anticancer, antimicrobial and antioxidant.


Research on caryophyllene has proved that it has anti-inflammatory effects on a human being. A study wrote in the British Journal of Pharmacology back in 2018 demonstrated on rats the response rate of the anti-inflammatory properties of this type of terpene.


Scientists are focusing on proving that caryophyllene can be helpful to reduce the growth of cancer cells. According to a study of 2016, it can also increase the effectiveness as far as treatment of cancer is concerned.


Caryophyllene along with other terpenes has proved to be a sedative. A study wrote in the journal Pharmaceutical Biology back in 2012 treating mice with this type of terpene oriented oil were experiencing a better sleep time.


A study wrote in the European Journal of Pinback in 2013 demonstrates that mice having experience of pain relief when they were exposing them to capsaicin.


There is also evidence that indicates that caryophyllene helps balance glucose levels when using it with regular medicine.


this type of terpene is among those terpenes which have the potential to treat anxiety. A study back in 2014 conducting on mice that this terpene has anti-anxiety and ant depression properties. The researchers, publishing their findings in the journal Physiology & Behavior, concluded that “the possibility that beta-caryophyllene may ameliorate the symptoms of these mood disorders offers exciting prospects for future studies”.

Role of caryophyllene in cannabis:

Bubba KushOG Kush, Chemdawg, Sour Diesel, Rockstar, and Skywalker OG are cannabis varieties in which this type of terpene is found. But the most interesting part is that all cannabis strains contain some caryophyllene in them.


Beta-caryophyllene is the scientific name of this type of terpene. It has health benefits and can be used to treat anxiety and depression.

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