Carene is one of the terpenes of cannabis which has a pungent, citrus and sweet scent. It is best known for its anti-inflammatory and bone strengthener properties.

What is it?

We can have it from turpentine, rosemary and cedar. This terpene is in a number of personal products as raw material. These products include cosmetic, perfumes and aromatherapy. But its presence may irritate eyes and human skin.

Carene in everyday life:

You might have encountered carene on your dinning table. Staples of fresh orange juice and grapefruit might have this terpene. You have also likely encountered carene’s sweet aroma if you’ve ever spritzed on a citrus perfume or cologne. Any citrus peel oil you can imagine, from mandarin to kumquat, likely has a healthy dose of carene as well.

Carene as a potential irritant:

The focus of scientists was much on carene as an irritant instead of the health benefits that this terpene can have. Carene is a lung inflammatory as well as an irritant to the skin and eyes.

Therapeutic properties of carene:

A lot more research is needing to know the health benefits of carene but till now this terpene is showing the properties of anti-inflammation and bone strengthener.


This terpene is extremely beneficial when it comes on the reduction of edema. Edema is basically an inflammatory condition which happens when the body retains more water. This condition can cause heart failure and liver failure.

Bone strengthener:

When tested on animals, this terpene showed the properties to improve the health of bones. Because it increases mineralization. Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology has found that when this type of terpene was incorporated into the diets of animals, bone health improved.

Role of carene in cannabis:

Arjan’s Ultra Haze #2, Super Silver Haze, and Lemon Haze are the varieties of cannabis which has this type of terpene in them. It is extremely aromatic terpene and it has woody as well as tangy flavor.


The health benefits of this type of terpene are yet to be discovered fully. Researches have proved that this terpene has the properties of anti-inflammatory as well as bone strengthener.


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