Bisabolol terpene s also famous by the name alpha-bisabolol. We generally get it from the chamomile flower which grows in Europe, India and the united states. It is famous for its very sweet aroma. It has properties of anti-inflammation, antimicrobial and analgesic.      

What is it?

 Basically, A number of cannabis varieties like chamomile and Brazilian candela tree produce bisabolol. This terpene is also known as levomenol. The cosmetic industry uses it in different products and it also has skin healing properties.

Where does bisabolol come from?

The essential oil of this terpene derives from chamomile which is a native tree in Europe. However, It is also growing in the united states and India.

the use of it:

Generally, Tea lovers must be aware of this terpene but this terpene can be for a number of tasks. With this purpose in mind, Makeup and beauty products have been using it since hundreds of years. It has a very sweet aroma and that is the reason perfume industries used it.

Is bisabolol good for the skin?

A number of perfumes, beauty and cosmetic companies use bisabolol for its tranquilizing, soothing and calming qualities. It is believed that this terpen has skin healing properties so it is used in skin care products like moisturizers, cleansers, sunscreens, anti-aging treatments and eye creams.

Therapeutic properties of bisabolol:

Apart from using bisabolol in cosmetic industry, this terpene is full of health benefits.


Chamomile tea is to calm and soothe a bad sore throat, this terpene behaves the same way on the skin. Also, the Cosmetic industry used this terpene as an anti-irritant. A study wrote in the journal Contact Dermatitis back in 2006 which found that bisabolol has no effect on skin irritation.


This terpene is extremely safe for human skin. It helps in reducing inflammation on the skin of the animals according to a study wrote in Current Pharmaceutical Biotechnology back in 2014.


Bisabolol is beneficial when it comes to treating halitosis like bacterial oral conditions when used with tea tree oil. A study wrote in the Archives of oral biology back in 2012 proved that a number of bacterias die due to tea tree oil and this terpene.


A number of scientific studies have discussed the role of this terpene as a pain reliever.

Is bisabolol safe?

Bisabolol is one very important and common ingredient in cosmetic industry and a number of personal products. They use it because it is definitely safe to use. Bisabolol is basically nontoxic. No study has come with any side effects of this terpene yet.

Role of bisabolol in cannabis:

 AC/DCHarle-TsuHeadband, OG Shark, Oracle, and Pink Kush are the varieties of cannabis that produce bisbolol. Bisabolol is most famous because it increases the sensory experience of cannabis.

It has a number of health benefits so it can be used for medical purposes. A study was published in the journal of Translational Medicine back in 2011 which investigated this terpene as a killer of leukemia cells. This stud was conducted on human cancer cells.


To conclude, Bisabolol is famous for its fragrance and aroma which is similar to afternoon tea. It also has the properties to fight against cancer and a number of other diseases.


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