This terpene has a woody and camphor-like scent. With this purpose in mind, Borneol has properties of anti-inflammatory and pain reliever. Stock patients benefiting from borneol because it is an anticoagulant which means it may increase the effectiveness of the regular medicines.

What is it?

 Nowadays, making this type of terpene from turpentine oil or camphor, but we can have it naturally. Also, Asian civilizations have been using it for centuries. Furthermore, Even today, using it in holistic medicines. Western medicine has also focused on it. Dr Ralph Stockman of Scotland conducting the first experiments of the substance’s physiological effects in 1888.

Borneol in everyday life:

Generally, there are a number of uses of borneol. Firstly, It is one of the basic components of Chinese medicine. Secondly, This terpene helps in digestion, improve circulation, and ease the pain brought on by rheumatic diseases. In addition, a number of Chinese herbalists use it to treat bronchitis, coughs, and colds. It is an active ingredient in insect repellant and provides protection against serious mosquito-borne illnesses.

Therapeutic benefits of borneol:

A number of studies have shown that this type of terpene has few health benefits.


Firstly, This terpene has properties to reduce inflammation. Also, Adding it to mouthwash to ease the conditions of red gums and tonsilitis. However, conducting This study back in 2013 and publishing in the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry.

Topical pain reliever:

basically, Oil f borneol can be used to soothe aching joints and muscles. Generally, A study also proves that it be used to relieve pains.


Using it in cardiovascular disease and to fight against thrombosis because type of terpene has the properties to decrease the risk of blood clots. A 2014 study in rats finding that ischemic stroke damage was reduced by borneol.

Other therapeutic uses of borneol:

type of terpene has a number of health benefits. This terpene is being investigated being an aid to the absorption of medical compounds.

Role of borneol in cannabis:

Borneol is one of the most common terpenes of cannabis. Hybrid strains like K13-Haze and Golden Haze are the varieties of cannabis that have the type of terpene in them. This terpene is helpful when it comes on to reduce stress and fatigue. It leaves people in a relaxed state of mind.


To conclude, Borneol is in ancient medicines as well as it is being in western medicines.

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