An overview of cannabis legislation

An overview of cannabis legislation: Cannabis plants are for papers, textiles and clinical purposes for a long. 1913 was when different began banning marijuana. Also, the year 1937 was most important for making laws to ban marijuana across the country. Until 1970, weed was a dangerous substance to use even for medical purposes. However, it is easy to have it in different states.

Till now, it is illegal to use it on a national level. Cannabis legislation can categorise into three parts; decriminalization, recreational legislation and medical legislation.


An overview of cannabis legislation: The reduction of criminal charges and penalties for the possession and usage of cannabis also has the name cannabis decriminalization. However, it does not make it legal to buy it, sell it or have it. finding someone with a small quantity of it with no purpose of selling it. Then, it cannot be prosecution by the state. Decriminalization is to inform law enforcement agencies that possession of cannabis is no longer a priority. It can be helpful to drop the arrest rate down. At the beginning of 1973, states started reducing criminal penalties for having marijuana in small quantity.  In the year 2019, The Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act was introduced. Many organizations are working to take marijuana down from the list of illegal drugs at the federal level.

Medical Legislation:

Certain patients who have a certain medical condition can access the marijuana plant. New Mexico was the first state where the medical usage of marijuana was recognized. It was back in 1978. New Mexico allowed it for patients with glaucoma and cancer. It was a part of the research process. This thing changed laws in Mexico.

accepting the use of marijuana for medical purposes is so broad nowadays that only three states are left where cannabis has a ban. Twenty-two states allowed it for medical purposes, 14 allowed CBD products. Where and how much you can consume it is a different matter of every state.

Recreational Legislation:

Usage of cannabis which has been made legal to use by adults, is known as recreational legislation. It does not matter if adults have some medical ground to use it or not. Recreational legislation makes it easy to purchase it as easily as you can buy alcohol. But an individual can buy only a certain quantity of it.

Till 2020 adult use of marijuana is legal in 11 states. Not allowing adults to buy it. Rather, they can grow their own three to twelve plants anywhere for personal use. But no state allows adults to use it publicly. Even weed is becoming legal in many states. 

Cannabis legalization law:

Legislative action and ballot initiative are two ways that allow any state to legalize marijuana. The difference between both is of public and government. When it comes to medical marijuana legislation, states take the route of legislative action and a ballot initiative is used when recreational legislation comes into the spotlight. 9 out of 11 states that legalized recreational marijuana, did it through a ballot initiative. The other 2 states took the route of legislation.

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